JJ Barnes on YouTube

The Table Read on YouTube

On YouTube, as part of The Table Read, I am putting out creative writing advice to inspire and support the writing community.

I discuss writing techniques, story stucture, and the life of being a writer every Wednesday and Friday at 930am.

You can find the videos on YouTube and on The Table Read Magazine.

Ask Me Anything

On Mondays I do a session of Ask Me Anything.

I get questions in comments, on social media, and sent in anonymously on AskFM. I try to answer every question as honestly as possible, even if they are really weird.

Creative Writing Advice

My writing advice series on YouTube, I tackle a different piece of writing advice in each episode. I'll be picking apart advice about story craft or characterisation, explaining how to recreate it in your own writing, and referencing examples from popular fiction.

Creative Writing For Kids

I released a series of videos writing lessons for children to help during lockdown. I take pieces of writing advice, and break them into bitesize chunks. I reference Disney movies and kids books, to explain different writing techniques and make children better and more confident writers.

Check out my Creative Writing For Kids page, full of writing games and activities, a pinterest board, and a much more.

Writing Advice With JJ And Jonathan

In our first writing advice series, we took a piece of writing advice and analysed it in each episode, offering examples of the writing techniques in popular fiction, both in books and on screen, and explain how to recreate the effect in your own writing.