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Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit

Fifteen year old Lilly is lonely and unpopular, struggling to make friends and fit in at her new school. When she meets magical talking rabbit Jeffrey, everything changes. 

She realises her drawings are coming to life, she suddenly becomes important and interesting to a world of exciting and magical people, and she finds a new best friend in Saffron. But as Lilly’s power grows, the world becomes more dangerous and complicated. 

Soon the people around her are forcing her to choose; the incredible power that she’s becoming addicted to, or the friendship with Saffron.

Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit explores the corrupting effect of power, and the value of friendship.

The Lilly Prospero Book Series:

  1. Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit
  2. Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse

Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse

When fifteen year old Lilly and her best friend Saffron go o a family holiday to Whitstable, they plan on relaxing and having fun together on the beach. But when they meet mermaid’s in distress, they realise that won’t happen.

Mermaids are being pulled from the sea and harvested for their body parts to sell on the magical black market, so Lilly and Saffron team up with a coven of mysterious elderly witches to stop him. But soon, they discover the issue is more complicated than they ever realised, and they must risk the lives of both themselves and everyone around them if they have any chance of saving the mermaids. 

The Lilly Prospero Book Series:

  1. Lilly Prospero And The Magic Rabbit
  2. Lilly Prospero And The Mermaid’s Curse

Emerald Wren And The Coven Of Seven

As a child, Emerald Wren’s grandfather gives her a magic lamp and a promise that she will change the world. As an adult, she is working as a waitress by day and leading a crime fighting coven of witches by night.

When the time comes to live up to her promise, things get dangerous.

A murderous man on a mission is hunting down a mysterious prophecy girl and leaving the burned bodies of women in his wake. Emerald and her friends set out to find her and save her. But who will get there first?

Nature-Girl Vs Worst Nightmare

Nature-Girl vs Worst Nightmare is the debut novel from six year old Rose McKinney, with just a smidge of help from her mother, author J.J. Barnes.

Deep in the Sparkling Forest, Nature-Girl and her friends are training to be super heroes at Miss Sparkle’s Academy for Magical Children.

When old enemy Worst Nightmare sends an army of Bad Dreams to attack the school, Nature-Girl must use everything she’s learned, and face her biggest fears, if she’s going to stop him.

Nature-Girl vs Worst Nightmare is the first book from the new Siren Smalls brand for Siren Stories, a collection of books for children aged 6-12, full of magic, adventure and danger.

What Ivy Wants

When Ivy Rhodes loses her job, her home, and her husband, she is forced to start her life over. Heartbroken and confused, she realises that she doesn’t really know what she wants from her life.

With her best friends by her side, and her mother armed with several bottles of Prosecco, Ivy starts to rediscover who she is and what she really wants.

What Ivy Wants is filled with painful truth and emotional warmth, as JJ draws on her own experiences to explore coercive control in relationships, and the process of breaking free and starting over.

JJ Barnes writes female led fiction with a focus on women facing life’s challenges, and depending on their friends to see them through.

How To Write A Story

Following the success of JJ’s Creative Writing Advice series on YouTube, she has released How To Write A Story to support and encourage you one your journey to getting your story out into the world.

How To Write A Story takes you from the beginning of your story, through the midpoint, and all the way to the climax. She covers characterisation, story structure, writer’s block and editing, plus so much more!

Colour And Rhyme

This collection of funny, silly and surprising poems for kids aged 5-10 is for every budding artist to read, create and colour their own matching designs!

A book full of fun and joy!

This beautiful book is the latest release from the Siren Smalls brand of Siren Stories.

Written by Sarah Wood and inspired by her children. Illustrated by JJ Barnes. Each picture was drawn freehand in black ink on white paper.