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I’ve always loved art, and finding outlets of my creativity has been such a joy throughout my life. Adapting something I love into a way to help support my family is something I’m very excited about and proud to share with you.

JJ Barnes Redbubble Shop
JJ Barnes Redbubble Shop

Redbubble Art

 My Redbubble shops feature my artwork on a variety of products including clothes, furnishings and accessories. My Art Shop features hand drawn creations, while my Merch Shop is digital work inspired by things I love.

Hand-drawn Colouring in Pages by JJ Barnes Art
Hand-Drawn Colouring In Pages

Hand-Drawn Colouring In Pages

I am selling PDF downloads of my hand-drawn zentangle pattern art designs. Print at home and colour in as many times as you want!

Fiverr Photo Art


On Fiverr I am selling a variety of artistic services including animations and photo art.

Book Cover Animations

I am animating book covers to bring them to life using digital magic, for authors to use in social media marketing and book adverts.


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