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We released our first feature film, Hollowhood, in 2021. We hope to keep growing and releasing more amazing films and TV set in the Siren Stories Universe.

Hollowhood, JJ Barnes, Siren Stories

Halloween in an old house in the middle of nowhere…scared?

Olivia and her ex-girlfriend Penny are reuniting for their friend Natasha’s Halloween weekend away in Hollowhood. At first Olivia dreams of reigniting the love she and Penny shared, but the creepy locals, the peculiar priest, and a man whose wife went missing five years ago change those plans. Soon Olivia isn’t focussed on whether she and Penny can fall back in love, she’s focussed on whether she and Penny can survive.

Hollowhood is the first movie from Barnes and McKinney. It exists in the same Universe as their existing stories.

Hollowhood Trailer

I co-wrote and co-directed Hollowhood with my partner, Jonathan McKinney, and I act in the film as Bethany Palmer.

JJ Barnes In Hollowhood

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