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I’ve been fortunate enough to be interviewed about my life and work by some incredible publications. I share those for you here.

I Am Birmingham

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I was listed on the I Am Birmingham Top 8 Local Authors for International Women’s Day for my book, Emerald Wren And The Coven Of Seven.

Life Without Limits Magazine

JJ Barnes on Life Without Limits Magazine
Life Without Limits Magazine

Launching in July 2022, Life Without Limits Magazine was created by entrepreneur Dino Miliotis, inspired to share the inspirational success stories with readers to help encourage them to live a life without limits. I was interviewed by Eleni Daniels about my life and career, and my work on The Table Read.

Mail Online

JJ Barnes in the Daily Mail
Daily Mail

I was interviewed by the Daily Mail during Lockdown 2020 about working from home on our film Hollowhood while also home schooling young children.

The Independent

JJ Barnes in The Independent
The Independent

My book, Emerald Wren And The Coven Of Seven, was recommended by The Independent for readers looking for books about female friendships.

Woman Magazine

JJ Barnes in Woman Magazine
Woman Magazine

I was featured in Woman Magazine with Hollowhood actress Kate Marris who used to be married to my partner, Jonathan McKinney. We talk about being friends and working together, sharing responsibility for our children, and friendship after divorce.

The story was picked up by multiple media outlets, as seen below!

Authority Magazine

I was interviewed for a feature in Authority Magazine about my life and writing career for an article, and was asked to do a video giving my five pieces of advice for how to be an author to inspire others.

Kids Lifelong Learning Summit

JJ Barnes featured speaker at Kids Lifelong Learning Summit
Kids Lifelong Learning Summit

I was interviewed by Anna Ma from the Moving Art Room about my creative writing advice for kids, as part of the Kids Lifelong Learning Summit.

Whispering Stories

I was interviewed by the Whispering Stories blog about my writing:

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