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Best Spring Nail Art Inspiration

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, as I look ahead to warmer weather, and the fun fashions that go with it, I check out some of the best Spring nail art inspiration based on what’s trending on Pinterest.

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I have always struggled with biting and picking my nails, but, after a lot of work, I’m finally getting my hands looking how I want them, so now it’s time to have fun with it. As the days are getting longer, the birds are singing a little louder, and the promise of warmer weather hangs in the air, what better way to celebrate spring’s arrival than with a fresh and fun nail art design?

As we dive into the new season, searches for ‘Spring nails’ inspiration have increased by 1011% on Pinterest, with beauty enthusiasts looking for the hottest new designs, shades, and prints for their next seasonal manicure. The trend team at Discount Platform Wethrift analysed search volume data on Pinterest to reveal the nail designs that will be huge this season, and Trend Expert Nick Drewe has provided his insight into why we are seeing a growing demand for these manicures. 

Top 10 Most Popular Spring Nail Art Inspiration

Embracing femininity has been playing a massive role in trends this year, evident in the latest manicure looks. As daisies bloom around springtime, these nails are the perfect on-trend choice for your next manicure. With a daisy pattern, as the colours are typically white and yellow, this nail choice will complement any outfit, which is why it is such a popular Spring choice.

Sticking with the classic white flower pattern is a more minimal and traditional approach to the trending design, or if you prefer a bolder look, you can make the flowers brighter in colour.

-Nick Drewe

Pastel Coloured Nails – 1633% 

Pastel hues are the perfect choice for spring nails – they’re soft, feminine, and endlessly versatile. But how do you wear them in a way that feels stylish and modern?

Skin Tone Harmony: Consider your skin tone when choosing your perfect pastel. Cooler skin tones tend to flatter with blue-based pastels like lavender or mint green. Warmer skin tones look stunning with peachy pinks or soft corals.

Gradient Delight: Don’t be afraid to experiment! Opt for an ombre effect with multiple pastel shades that blend seamlessly for a soft and sophisticated look.

Creamy Classics: For a timeless look, stick to classic creamy pastel polishes. They offer a smooth, opaque finish and pair well with any outfit.

Shimmer and Shine: Want to add a touch of glamour? Try pearlescent or shimmery pastel polishes. These catch the light beautifully and create a delicate, iridescent effect.

Matte Appeal: For a modern twist, consider a matte finish on your pastel nails. This adds a touch of sophistication and makes the colors appear even softer.

The beauty industry predicted the revival of simple nail polish in 2024, and pastel nail colours for spring are no exception. The pastel hues mirror the subtle beauty in nature this time of year. Taking it back to basics with block colour on your nails is perfect for those who prefer a more simplistic and elegant nail design. 

-Nick Drewe

Strawberry Nails – 580%

This year, strawberries are taking center stage, offering a delightful and delicious way to decorate your fingertips. So, get ready to ditch the boring solids and embrace the juicy world of strawberry nail art!

Color Palette: Strawberries come in all shades of red, so you have some flexibility! Opt for a classic cherry red for a bold look, or go for a softer pink for a more subtle approach. You can even mix and match shades for a playful, multi-dimensional effect.

Texture Time: Don’t limit yourself to just plain red polish. Experiment with different textures like matte for a modern twist, or glossy for a classic, juicy look. Adding a touch of glitter or metallic accents can also elevate your strawberry design.

The Whole Fruit: Feeling ambitious? Recreate tiny, detailed strawberries on your nails. Use a thin brush and red, green, and black polish to paint the body, seeds, and leaves.

Simple Slices: For a quicker and easier option, paint a few diagonal red lines on your nails to represent sliced strawberries. Add tiny green dots for the seeds and a black line for the stem.

Minimalist Magic: Minimalism is still a major trend. Use a dotting tool to create small red polka dots on a clear or nude base coat for a subtle yet sweet strawberry look.

French with a Twist: Take the classic French manicure up a notch by replacing the white tip with a tiny red strawberry design. This adds a touch of whimsy to a timeless look.

Accent it Up: Don’t feel obligated to have strawberries on every nail. Choose one or two accent nails to feature a detailed strawberry design, while keeping the rest of your nails a solid color or a simple pattern.

This nail design came to the forefront of design inspo for Springtime, thanks to the queen of trends herself, Hailey Bieber. Strawberry nails are a subtle yet fun way to switch up a simple manicure or French tip. With spring often symbolising a time for growth and renewal in nature, strawberry nails are a cute nod to the time of year as we welcome more sunshine. 

You can get creative and customise this trend to suit your preferences. Opt for a similar style to Hailey Bieber, with mini strawberries dotted across two of your nails, or choose a single strawberry for your ring finger for a more subtle look.

-Nick Drewe

Minimalistic Manicure – 235%

While bold colors and intricate designs are certainly tempting, there’s a quiet elegance to the minimalist manicure that perfectly captures the season’s fresh and understated vibe. This spring, embrace the “less is more” approach and rock minimalist nails that are both stylish and effortless.

Clean and Classic: The foundation of a minimalist manicure is flawless, well-maintained nails. Invest in a good quality nail care routine to keep your nails healthy, strong, and free of imperfections. Opt for a natural nail length or a slight trim for a clean and sophisticated look.

Nude Nirvana: Nude polishes are a staple for minimalist manicures. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone for a natural, elegant look. If you’re unsure where to start, opt for a sheer nude that allows your natural nail bed to peek through.

Sheer Delight: Sheer polishes are another great option for a minimalist manicure. They add a subtle hint of color without being overwhelming, perfect for those who prefer a more understated look. Explore soft pinks, lavenders, or even a touch of peach for a touch of springtime flair.

Negative Space Magic: Embrace the negative space trend! Leave a portion of your natural nail bed exposed while painting the rest with a thin coat of polish. This creates a clean and modern look that’s perfect for those who like a touch of design without going overboard.

Metallic Minimalism: For a touch of sophistication, consider metallic polishes like silver or gold. A single coat on all your nails creates a sleek and modern look, while using it for accent nails adds a touch of understated glamour.

Embracing natural beauty is a huge trend this year, in particular with nail designs – whether that be a classic French tip or a natural finish. This style of nail is a great way to embody the ‘Clean Girl Aesthetic’ that has over 313k TikTok videos under the hashtag. 

If you are looking for a minimalistic manicure, any nude shades are a good option to achieve a simple yet put-together nail look. 

-Nick Drewe

Olive Nails – 203%

Spring is traditionally a time for bright, cheerful colors, but this year, there’s a sophisticated new contender taking center stage: olive green. This earthy hue offers a refreshing twist on the usual pastels and florals, making it a surprisingly versatile and trendy choice for your spring manicure.

Solid and Chic: For a classic and effortless look, opt for a single coat of olive green polish. Choose a creamy finish for a timeless look, or go for a glossy finish for a touch of shine.

Ombre Delight: Create a subtle gradient effect with multiple shades of olive green. This adds depth and dimension to your manicure and is perfect for those who prefer a softer green hue.

Metallic Mix: For a touch of glam, incorporate metallic accents into your olive green manicure. Add a thin line of gold or silver polish near the base of your nail or create geometric shapes for a modern and eye-catching design.

Minimalist Magic: Embrace the minimalist trend with olive green! A single coat of polish with a clean, well-maintained nail creates a sophisticated and understated look.

Nature-Inspired Art: Olive green is the perfect base for nature-inspired nail art. Paint delicate floral designs, tiny leaves, or even abstract swirls in contrasting colors for a manicure that truly celebrates the essence of spring.

French Twist: Give the classic French manicure a spring makeover by replacing the white tip with olive green. This unexpected twist adds a touch of personality and keeps your manicure feeling fresh and modern.

Green is one of the season’s top colours. If you love earthy tones, the staple olive shade is fitting for the renewal of nature in Springtime. 

Olive green is a muted tone with just enough depth to make a statement and soft enough to go with anything. The simple, yet glamorous essence of the manicure, makes it a crowd pleaser for those who may have elegant spring events  or a city break booked for the season.

-Nick Drewe

Classic Red – 156%

While pastels and florals often dominate the nail art scene this season, there’s one timeless classic that never goes out of style: red nails. A bold red manicure transcends trends, offering a touch of elegance, confidence, and undeniable sophistication that perfectly complements the vibrant energy of spring.

Solid and Striking: For a timeless look that never goes out of style, opt for a single coat of classic red polish. This is a universally flattering choice and requires minimal effort for a chic and sophisticated look.

French with a Flair: Give the classic French manicure a spring twist by replacing the white tip with a pop of red. This unexpected detail adds a touch of personality and keeps your manicure feeling fresh and modern.

Minimalist Magic: Embrace minimalism with red nails! A single coat of polish with clean, well-maintained nails creates a sophisticated and understated look that’s perfect for the busy bee on the go.

Spring-Inspired Accents: While red is the star of the show, don’t be afraid to incorporate subtle spring-inspired accents. Add a single floral detail or a delicate butterfly design on an accent nail for a touch of springtime whimsy.

Negative Space Magic: Combine the power of red with the trend of negative space. Paint the tips or sides of your nails red, leaving the rest of the nail bare for a modern and unexpected take on the classic red manicure.

Glitter Glam: For a touch of sparkle, consider adding a subtle glitter accent to your red manicure. This adds a touch of festivity without overwhelming the classic elegance of red.

Red is considered a timeless classic and will never go out of style. This season red is becoming a firm favourite across the beauty industry. Go simple by creating a red French tip,  or get creative with a fun design that incorporates red. If you want something that leans on the classy side, go for a simple red gloss finish.

-Nick Drewe

Colourful French Tip – 138%

This season, ditch the classic white French manicure and step into the world of colourful tips! It’s a playful and trendy way to celebrate the season’s cheerfulness while keeping the elegance of the French tip design.

Color Explosion: Let your creativity run wild! Choose a different bright and cheerful color for each fingertip. Think sunshine yellow, baby blue, grassy green, or playful lavender.

Pastel Paradise: For a softer take on color, embrace the pastel trend. Opt for a range of pastel shades like baby pink, mint green, or lilac for a delightful and whimsical French tip look.

Complementary Colors: Channel color theory by using complementary colors on opposite fingernails. For example, pair a vibrant coral tip with a cool turquoise for a visually striking and balanced look.

Color Matching: Embrace the monochromatic trend and use different shades of the same color for your French tips. This creates a cohesive look with a touch of playful depth.

Classic with a Twist: Maintain the classic French tip shape but replace the white tip with your chosen color. This keeps the elegant structure while adding a vibrant pop.

Ombre Delight: Create a subtle gradient effect on your French tips. Use a makeup sponge to blend two or three colors seamlessly for a soft and dreamy look.

Glitter Glam: Add a touch of sparkle to your French tips with a coat of glitter polish. This adds a festive touch and is perfect for springtime celebrations.

Metallic Accents: Incorporate a metallic line or accent design near the base of your colorful French tip. This adds a touch of sophistication and elevates the overall look.

Floral Fantasy: Feeling artistic? Paint tiny floral designs on the base of your colorful French tips for a touch of springtime whimsy.

If you are someone who routinely gets a classic French Tip, switching out the white for a bright colour is a great way to welcome in the new season. You can go for a uniform approach, with one continuous colour on all tips, or, you can choose a range of colours that vary from nail to nail.

For Spring, you could incorporate pastel colours that are often associated with this time of year into your next nail look.

-Nick Drewe

Silver Chrome – 138%

This eye-catching metallic finish offers a unique and modern way to celebrate the season’s vibrancy, adding a touch of unexpected cool to your fingertips.

A Modern Twist on Spring: Silver chrome nails offer a refreshing departure from the typical spring pastels. They exude a sense of modern sophistication and cool confidence, perfect for those who want to make a statement.

Unexpected Versatility: Don’t be fooled by the metallic finish – silver chrome nails can be surprisingly versatile. They complement a wide range of skin tones and can be dressed up or down depending on the design and outfit.

Effortlessly Chic: The beauty of silver chrome nails lies in their ability to make a statement without requiring intricate designs. A single coat of chrome polish can instantly elevate your look, adding a touch of futuristic glamour to any outfit.

Mirror Shine Perfection: For a classic and impactful look, opt for a flawless mirror chrome finish. This creates a smooth, reflective surface that captures the light beautifully and is sure to turn heads.

Holographic Hues: For a touch of whimsy, explore holographic chrome polishes. These shimmer with rainbow colors at different angles, adding a playful and eye-catching element to your manicure.

Minimalist Magic: Embrace minimalism with silver chrome! A single coat of polish with clean, well-maintained nails creates a sophisticated and futuristic look that’s perfect for everyday wear.

While spring and summer are often associated with brighter colours, silver chrome nails are still a vibe, especially as we approach the festival season. If you are opting for a more monochromatic aesthetic, silver chrome nails are perfect for you.

Take inspiration from Kylie Jenner’s most recent manicure, where the beauty icon was pictured at a press release for her new cocktail company, with silver chrome nails. Opt for a silver chrome French tip or request a personalised pattern for a toned-down version. 

-Nick Drewe

Pearl – 131%

These shimmering, iridescent nails offer a sophisticated and feminine twist on the traditional spring manicure. Forget the bold florals and neon brights – pearl nails exude a subtle elegance that’s both timeless and perfectly on-trend.

A Touch of Shimmer: Pearl polishes offer a subtle, pearlescent shimmer that catches the light beautifully. Unlike glitter, they’re not overpowering, adding a hint of sophistication and elegance to your fingertips.

Effortlessly Versatile: The beauty of pearl nails lies in their versatility. They complement a wide range of skin tones and styles, making them perfect for those who prefer a more understated yet impactful look.

Springtime Harmony: Pearl nails perfectly embody the delicate beauty of spring. The iridescent shimmer evokes the dew-kissed mornings and pearlescent hues of blooming flowers, creating a look that’s both elegant and in perfect harmony with the season.

Sheer Delight: For a truly ethereal look, opt for a sheer pearl polish. This allows your natural nail bed to peek through, creating a soft and delicate effect that’s perfect for those who prefer a minimalist approach.

Creamy Elegance: If you prefer a more opaque finish, choose a creamy pearl polish. This offers a touch more coverage while still maintaining the beautiful shimmer that defines this trend.

French with a Pearl Twist: Give the classic French manicure a spring makeover by replacing the white tip with a pearly finish. This unexpected twist adds a touch of elegance and keeps your manicure feeling fresh and modern.

Ombre Dream: Create a soft and romantic ombre effect with two different pearl polishes. Start with a sheer shade at the base and gradually blend into a more opaque shade at the tips for a touch of ethereal beauty.

Minimalist Magic: Embrace minimalism with pearl nails! A single coat of polish with clean, well-maintained nails creates a sophisticated and understated look that’s perfect for the busy bee on the go.

Pearl nails exude femininity and elegance if you’re looking for a brighter touch to your usual manicure this spring. Also known as ‘Glazed Donut nails’, the pearl nail trend is subtle yet vibrant and is making a major comeback in Spring 2024. For a classic take on the trend go for the classic pearl finish, or for a more Spring approach to this trend, you can trade out the white pearl look for a light blue, pink or yellow tint. 

-Nick Drewe


Whether you’re drawn to the delicate beauty of pearl accents, the sophistication of silver chrome, the timeless elegance of classic red, or the playful vibrancy of colorful French tips, there’s a spring nail art trend waiting to be explored. So, embrace the inspiration, grab your favorite polishes, and get ready to create a manicure that reflects your unique personality and celebrates the joyful spirit of spring!

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