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The Best Online Games For Word Nerds

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I share the best online games for word nerds that you might enjoy, and what I love about them!

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Word Nerds

If you’re a word nerd like me, puzzles and intellectual challenges that are built around the use of language are the perfect way to have fun. Why shoot monsters with guns on the TV when you can be doing a crossword or playing Scrabble?

While we used to be stuck to the old school pen and paper, the realm of online gaming is now the perfect playground for wordy birds like me! From texting my ma my daily Wordle results to testing my vocabulary in crosswords, I thought I’d share some of the best online games for word nerds, and why they’re so much fun.

Online Games For Word Nerds

Expanding Vocabulary

As a writer, a big vocabulary is something I value and appreciate. While reading is the obvious way to grow your vocabulary, playing word games can do the same thing, just in a different way. When you play word games, you are constantly exposed to new words because the games require you to use a wide vocabulary to win.

Doing online crossword puzzles is a brilliant option if you’re a word nerd looking to grow your vocabulary. The clues in crossword puzzles often require you to know the meaning of obscure or uncommon words, and if you don’t know them immediately, as you solve the clues around those words, you’ll be able to start filling in the blanks to work out what they are. Once you’ve got the word, and the meaning from the clue, you’ve immediately got new language!

Online Crossword
Online Crossword

Relaxing Escapism

When life is stressing you out, and you want to just lie back and rest but your brain is still spinning, online games offer a unique form of escapism that challenges you without putting you in a stressful situation.

I’ve always found wordsearches to be a perfect way to relax. You don’t need to think too hard or use a lot of brainpower to solve a word search because there’s no clues to solve and it’s not a fast moving competitive activity so you’re not under pressure. This makes them perfect for people who want to relax but also want to feel a sense of accomplishment. When you solve a wordsearch, you get a small hit of dopamine, which can boost your mood and make you feel good.


Fast Thinking Challenges

I can’t think quickly with many things, but words I can do! Fast-thinking word games mean you have to think quickly and make decisions under pressure, which can be exciting if you’re in the mood for a challenge. You get a great sense of accomplishment as the timer goes fast, but you go faster.

Letter Scramble games are one of my favourite because you have to take in all the different letters that are being thrown at you at once and form words out of them quickly, both before too many more letters appear, and before your timer runs down. Overcoming challenges and making yourself think quickly is really satisfying and a real confidence booster.

Letter Scramble
Letter Scramble

Bonding With Other Word Nerds

As I mentioned above, my mother and I share our Daily wordle games, but the games sharing feature means you can also share their results on social media, which can lead to friendly competition and bragging rights. While the rest of the world is arguing about politics, finding something as simple as Wordle to bond over is like calm in the storm.

Anyone can pick up Wordle and start playing, my ten year old has given it a go any times, but it takes skill and practice to get the best scores. Sharing those accomplishments with like minded word nerds is a lovely way to keep in touch with friends and family as you celebrate or commiserate over one another’s efforts.



Playing online word games helps me relax, connects me with my family, and gives me challenges that are stimulating and make me feel a sense of accomplishment. I hope some of these games will do the same for you, and don’t forget to share your results!

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