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The Best Travel Gadgets To Use This Summer

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out the best travel gadgets as recommended by CEO for MoneyTransfers.com, Jonathan Merry based on what’s trending right now.

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Travel Gadgets

The school holidays are just around the corner for me and mine, which means we’re all turning our eyes to the six weeks summer holidays and opportunities to go traveling.

Because of the high tech world we live in, travel has become a different experience from when I was a child, and there’s opportunities to use all kinds of travel gadgets to make the experience safer, more efficient or more entertaining! To help me discover the best travel gadgets to get the most out of our summer plans, CEO for MoneyTransfers.com, Jonathan Merry sent over his research into Google Trends data to find eight of the top travel gadgets for 2023.

“Summer is the busiest travel season, and as is to be expected, top travel gadgets are a hot topic. But which ones should Brits pack first?

From air labels to forestall lost or taken baggage, to utilizing man-made intelligence to design your excursion from one way to another, our specialists are featuring the high priority travel fundamentals for 2023’s vacation season.”

  • MoneyTransfers.com CEO Jonathan Merry

Best Travel Gadgets

  1. AirTags (212k searches) +11%

Apple AirTags are the latest summer must-have travel gadgets, earning more than 200,000 searches every month.

Join this clever GPS beacon to your baggage, visa, or whatever else you need to watch, and let your cell phone guide you to their area effortlessly. Travelers eagerly embrace the Air Tag’s ease of use and dependability, so it’s no surprise that it’s become a popular product. You can track your luggage in real time by putting one of these in your suitcase.

  1. Packing cubes (73k searches) +15%

Packing cubes have been in arsenal of seasoned travelers for a really long time, and that is the same in 2023. 

With various sizes and compartments, these solid shapes assist you with streamlining your packing space and easily find what you really want. For a stress-free trip, join the growing group of savvy travelers who swear by packing cubes.

  1. Neck fan (66k searches) +83%

Portable neck fans are an unexpected travel gadget to trend this summer, but searches for these helpful things are up 83% month-on-month. These modern looking devices fold over the rear of your neck and blow a cool wind straightforwardly into your face – and look a bit like earphones while you’re wearing them around your neck.

Merrily explained that neck fans are unquestionably the travel gadget trend that is growing the fastest this summer, with more searches for them this month than for any other item. With these smart travel accessories providing the ideal cooling escape from high temperatures, it appears that many tourists are looking to avoid the rising temperatures this year.

  1. Travel Pillow (57k searches) +6%

Long journeys don’t have to mean a bad night’s sleep. Travel pillows probably won’t be anything surprising, however they stay a staple travel gadget for a reason. This cozy essential gives you the neck support you need to feel refreshed and ready to tackle your journey.

  1. AI Trip Planner (25k pursuits) +5%

Envision having your very own travel assistant. That is precisely exact thing an AI trip planner offers of real value.

This innovative device, which is powered by artificial intelligence, curates individualized itineraries, suggests must-see attractions, and provides real-time travel information to alleviate the stress of trip planning. Get ready to be stunned as this smart friend makes your travel easy. Trip planning using AI is a somewhat new idea, yet it’s probably going to rapidly enter the standard as computer based intelligence improvement proceeds.

  1. Travel size perfume (8.7k ventures) +51%

Why give up your favourite fragrance when you’re traveling? Travel size perfumes keep you smelling fresh and lovely regardless of where you go, and they’re truly moving this month – with searches up 51% month-on-month.

This summer travel gadget is going to be so particularly popular as travelers progressively choose lightweight gear as opposed to paying extra for cabin bags and the additional hassle that accompanies it.

  1. Portable bottle warmer (17k ventures) +16%

With school summer holidays arriving, numerous families with small children are thinking about taking a break away. With a 16% increase in searches, portable bottle warmers are another surprising contender for one of the hot summer gadgets.

A portable bottle warmer is a way for parents to ensure their child’s milk or formula is reliably at the ideal temperature. It’s also useful for when you’re staying in a hotel and can’t guarantee you’ll have accessible ways to heat up your child’s bottle.

  1. Travel charger (20k ventures) +15%

In the time of mobile phones and savvy gadgets, a solid travel charger is a travel essential to keep your devices charged up and good to go.

The Snap Wireless charger, a lightweight, compact device that can wirelessly charge three devices simultaneously, has been a particularly popular charger this summer. 

Travel cards and sending money abroad

While not a travel gadget, travel cards are another trending subject as the summer holidays draw near. Numerous travelers are getting far savvier about keeping away from costly bank expenses by using money transfer organizations to move their cash abroad for spending while on vacation.

With so many choices out there, finding the most ideal option can be hard. When traveling internationally, our top recommendations include:

  • Set aside your well deserved money by using money transfer companies or travel cards that have low or no expenses for worldwide exchanges.
  • Do not choose the first option that comes up! To get the best deal, take the time to compare the exchange rates and fees offered by different money transfer providers.
  • Make life more straightforward by getting yourself a prepaid travel card that offers competitive trade rates and negligible charges.
  • Look out for sneaky currency conversion. Always pay in the local currency to avoid those superfluous charges if possible.
  • Look out for any minimum balance requirements or inactivity charges that could accompany your travel card. Pick one that meets your requirements without needing to be spent.

Jonathan Merry, CEO of MoneyTransfers.com explained that travel cards are another trending subject this month. As we approach the peak travel season, more travelers will be searching for ways of reducing charges and exchange rates costs while spending money abroad, whether that is for a brief stay or for longer trips abroad.

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