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Which Crystals Can Help With Insomnia?

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, as part of my constant quest for better sleep, I check out tips from Brett Larkin, a crystal expert at Tiny Rituals, for which crystals can help with insomnia.

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In my well documented struggles with sleep, I’m always on the lookout for tips to help me. Since I opened my shop, and I’m selling, amongst other things, crystals, Brett Larkin, a crystal expert at Tiny Rituals sent over some times for how those crystals could actually be the solution to my problem!

And it’s not just me who struggles. 1 in 5 adults across the US struggle to sleep every single night (22%), and half of adults in the US experience insomnia once a month or more (50%). Plus, 43 percent of American’s have reported that they’ve been kept awake at night because of stress, something I am definitely familiar with.

According to Brett Larkin at Tiny Rituals, getting a good night’s sleep is much easier if we have an abundance of positive energy surrounding us to help combat that stress, so he sent over details about which crystals can help with insomnia, and why.

Crystals Help With Insomnia

Sleep is a vital time for our body to rest and for our cells to heal and rejuvenate. Good sleep helps us to be productive, it boosts our metabolism, and it helps our immune system to stand up the challenge and thrive.  

Healing crystals can help us to find that place of rich and rewarding slumber. There are several crystals that will help to soothe anxieties and clear the mind, granting us that mental space we need to let go of our worries and to find that mental space of rest.  

By placing one of these rocks beneath your pillow or on your person, you could clear out negative energy and finally get the solid sleep you need.

-Brett Larkin

Crystal experts at Tiny Rituals have sent over ten of the best crystals to help with insomnia, and explained how they impact the mind, body and soul.


Selenite Heart
Selenite Heart


  • Brings clarity
  • Creates a zen like calm
  • Removes negative energy

Selenite brings clarity to your inner thoughts and helps to to put you into Zen-like calm mindset, rather than a toxic mess, so you can rest easy regardless of what is going on in the world outside.

Putting you at ease and promoting a restful night’s sleep, this crystal hums with a high frequency, is soaked in calm, and helps remote negative energies.


Celestite Gemstone Enchantment Lights
Celestite Gemstone Enchantment Lights


  • Connects to intuition and higher purpose
  • Soothes messy thoughts

Celestite is a mineral crystal associated with promoting relaxation, tranquility, and a sense of calm, which may contribute to a more peaceful sleep environment and improved sleep quality.

Celestite also helps you connect you to the third eye, heart, and crown chakra, creating a deeper sense of spirituality, open-heartedness, and deep intuitive wisdom.  When we feel connected to our intuition and a higher purpose, this can soothe messy thoughts and allow us to achieve beautiful rest.




  • A natural ore of lithium
  • Promotes serenity
  • Encourages self-love

Lepidolite is used as a medicine for people who suffer with an overactive mind. It is a gentle and joyous purple stone that promotes peaceful sleep by easing stress and taking you to a place of serenity. When we can clear our minds, we are more able to sleep well.

Lepidolite also raises our awareness of joy, gratitude, and other positive emotions that can help you have good dreams.


Howlite Stones
Howlite Stones


  • Slows the heartbeat to a softer rhythm
  • Cools hot heads and soothes tempers

Howlite is known to slow the heartbeat to a gentle rhythm, take hot tempers down, and stopping the mind from being too unfocused.

This gentle stone is abundant in healing energy and is one of the best soothers before bed.


Amethyst Gemstone Power Bracelet
Amethyst Gemstone Power Bracelet


  • Purifying and gentle
  • Balances emotions
  • Soothes the body

Know for its serenity, Amethyst is one of the most purifying and gentle stones.

Amethyst is rich in healing energy which balances out your emotions and promotes happy dreams. If you struggle with nightmares, Amethyst can provide a gentle sense of security while also clearing your third eye chakra and raising your crown chakra vibrations.




  • Promotes physical healing
  • Brings messages from the spirit realms

Angelite promotes inner peace and fill your dreams with messages from the spirit realms.

Not only does it invite you into the soft mental magic you need to sleep, but it also promotes the physical healing that leads to a higher quality of rest too.


Smoky Quartz Stones
Smoky Quartz Stones

Smoky Quartz

  • Gorgeously grounding
  • Has a calming effect

This smoky version of the quartz crystal has an instant calming effect which can help you fall into REM sleep quickly.

Smoky Quartz is also a great stone to use when you want to manifest all your hopes and desires.


Rose Quartz Crystal Tree
Rose Quartz Crystal Tree

Rose Quartz

  • A radiant heart healer
  • Eases anxious thoughts

This stone helps to instantly put your body, mind, and soul at rest.

Rose Quartz is known for being one of the most radiant heart healers, helping you learn to open your heart to love, trust, and self-care.

By keeping Rose Quartz close by, you should find the soft flow of sleep replaces those anxious and restless nights.


Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

  • Offers protection from bad dreams
  • Protects against negative vibes

Sometimes our dreams can be scary, or anxiety is so tight it won’t let us even get there.

To help, Black Tourmaline sees off all kinds of negative vibes and brings a sense of calm and lets you know that your energy is protected.


Moonstone Notebook
Moonstone Notebook


  • Soaked in feminine energy
  • Offers acceptance

Moonstones are soaked in feminine energy and help calm the mind the mind, as a quick meditation with this white stone helps all that emotional tension wash away.

Not only will Moonstone put you in a place where easy sleep is possible, but it also helps you achieve lucid dreaming if you want to maser and connect to your subconscious.

Crystals For Insomnia

Having the gemstones pressed directly against the skin will ensure that those soft vibrations keep on humming throughout the day and when you are lost in the land of nod.

It also helps to keep the stones close by throughout the day as the crystals can keep working to fend off negative vibes and anxiety, so these emotions don’t have the chance to build.

Other ways you can weave in the healing power of these sleep bright stones is to place them on your bedside table or tuck them beneath your pillow for added protection.

You can also make it part of your bedtime routine to sit in a moment of meditation with your crystal and set an intention for deep and healing sleep.

-Brett Larkin at Tiny Rituals


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