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I Discovered The Cost Of Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out the AirBnB Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse available to book now, and ask how much it would cost to buy one myself!

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The Barbie Movie

The Barbie Movie is coming, and I am here for it! The merch, the music, and the movie are all delighting my love of all things ridiculous. I’m now the proud owner of a bright pink velure tracksuit, complete with Barbie logo in silver sparkles, and I am beyond excited to go to the cinema and watch the film!

Growing up, I loved my Barbies, and now I have a seven year old daughter with a collection of Barbie dolls that dwarfs what I accumulated in the 1980s. However, neither she, nor I, has owned a Barbie DreamHouse. Alas.

When I found out there’s a real life Barbie DreamHouse available on AirBnB, I absolutely had to know more. What does it cost to stay there? And what would I need to spend to buy one myself?!

 Barbie’s DreamHouse

  • Barbie’s DreamHouse in Malibu, California, is open for Airbnb guest bookings on July 17 to celebrate the Barbie movie.
  •  Luxury real estate experts at RubyHome have estimated the property’s sale value at $10 million (£7.93 million) or $2,880 (£2,267) per square foot, which is more than three times the median price in Malibu
  •  Brits would need to make at least £1.57 million per year to purchase.

Buy Barbie’s DreamHouse

For the valuation, specialists at RubyHome, looked at the typical deal cost for equivalent Malibu homes with comparable conveniences, in addition to an extra premium of 10% to gauge the market cost for the stand-out home.

The DreamHouse is a 3,500-square-foot all-pink single-family home highlighting a pool, ocean views, and an inside planned by Jonathan Adler, complete with Barbie furniture.

“Placed perfectly above the beach with panoramic views, this life-size toy pink mansion is a dream come true!” reads the Airbnb listing.

As per CMLS information ordered by RubyHome, comparable homes nearby, with a similar size, pool, and views, go for $9.1 million (£7.21m).

Taking into account the manor’s notable plan and Barbie’s social worth, it could knock the cost of the doll’s DreamHouse to an eye-watering $10 million (£7.93m) – three times the typical home estimation in Malibu – or $2,880 (£2,267) per square foot.

Rent Barbie’s DreamHouse

In the event that Barbie turned into a landowner, renting the property would get an expected $77,412 (£55,416) each month.

Costs associated with the sale of Barbie are estimated to be $780,000 (£614,273).

With a 20% initial installment, Brits need to make at least $2 million (£1.57m) a year to manage the cost of the home.

Airbnb booking opens on July 17 and four lucky visitors will get a one-night stay for two at the property on July 21 and 22.

The house is exclusive and not right now available to be purchased.


Tony Mariotti, CEO of the Malibu brokerage RubyHome, explained that Barbie’s marketing has been everywhere in the build up to the film’s release. This one of a kind property showed up on Airbnb, driving enthusiastic fans to race to see the genuine dollhouse, complete with a maximalist Barbie-themed inside.

The property’s 3,500 square feet, views of the Pacific Ocean, private pool, and completely unique design result in a high price tag, even though it won’t be for everyone. How much demand the Airbnb listing generates over the two nights it is open to guests will be fascinating.

Find more now:

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