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How Much Would Joe Goldberg’s London Life Really Cost?

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out new research by King Casino Bonus which found how much Joe Goldberg’s London life would actually cost in the most recent season of You, and it turns out that even he can’t afford it.


I’m a huge fan of You. I love watching Joe Goldberg’s crimes, can’t help but root for him to get away with it, and find the beautiful people in beautiful places doing terrible things scenario to be captivating. I also love the city of London and have always dreamed of having the kind of budget that could make it my home.

Now, while I’m obviously miles away from ever being able to afford Joe’s lifestyle, I was curious what it would actually cost, so King Casino Bonus sent over details about the true cost of Joe’s London life.

Joe Goldberg’s London Life

The discoveries, arranged by King Casino Bonus, looked at London’s lease costs, charge rates, service bills, broadband arrangements and basic food item consumption to what an English Language lecturer could hope to make in the capital, to compute the expense of Joe Goldberg’s London life.

It turns out that Joe’s overspending by £312 per month just to cover the necessities is bad news for fans who want to follow in his footsteps and move to London.

Salary Vs Costs

When basic tax and average pension deductions are taken into account, the typical English Literature lecturer at a prestigious university like Darcy College can anticipate earning £45,923 per year, or £2,740 per month, according to local salaries.

However, his one-bedroom apartment in South Kensington’s Kynance Mews, one of London’s most expensive streets, would cost at least £2,240 per month to rent. This figure is based on what each house on the street would rent for if it were rented as a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. However, Joe’s house has high ceilings, large windows, and a highly sought-after working fireplace, so he could expect to pay much more.

Joe, who goes by the alias Jonathan Moore at the moment, only has £500 left over from his monthly salary to live on; However, the unavoidable costs do not end there.

Joe, like nearly everyone else in the UK, will have to pay tax on his flat, and based on the area, he falls into Band G or H. Joe pays £161 per month in council tax after the 25% single person discount, which he wouldn’t get if he had Marianne.

Joe will still be responsible for paying his utility bills, which average £264 per month in London, and £44 per month for his WiFi, which he uses to stalk his new acquaintances. In addition, he will be responsible for paying £46 per month for his mobile plan and the typical £296 per person that London residents spend on groceries, including cups of tea.

Joe would be in debt by £3,744 at the end of the year, exceeding his monthly salary by at least £312 if he considered only the necessities.

Monthly Expenditure

ExpenditureMonthly Cost
Rent (Kynance Mews)£2,240
Council Tax (Band H)£161
Utility Bills (Electricity, Water, Gas)£264
Mobile Plan£46
WiFi Broadband£44

Joe Can’t Afford His Life

His fundamental month to month use depends on the normal rates across the city, yet as he’s plumped for an especially rich area, it’s probably he’s considerably more under water. Joe can’t even afford a pint at the local pub, a new pair of shoes, or the tube to get to work, so it’s a good thing he made friends in high places when he first arrived in London.

Given that Joe is suspected of emptying his ex-wife Love’s secret bank account prior to escaping Madre Linda, fans may be surprised to learn that he is not financially stable. However, he was forced to return the funds to hitman Elliot prior to arriving in the United Kingdom.

Because he will have spent the majority of his budget pursuing Marianne in Paris before arriving in London empty-handed, it is highly unlikely that he has anything to his name other than the stolen bankroll.

Season 4 of You

King Casino Bonus stated in relation to the findings that viewers of You have been eagerly awaiting the release of Season 4, not least due to the show’s refreshing new setting. Fans took to Twitter after the season premiered to express their amusement at Joe’s apparent ability to survive in one of London’s most expensive areas on a lecturer’s salary, despite not having a PhD or any other significant qualifications.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that he would have a significant amount of debt. If he doesn’t start stealing from his victims in the second episode of the show or keep his wealthy friends, he’ll have a lot more to worry about than being caught for the murder of his ex-wife.


I’ve come to to conclusion that the only way I could afford Joe’s London Life is if I sell a few of my internal organs on the black market and make a pact with a jinn. Alas. I guess I’m sticking to rainy Staffordshire and trying to sell books like a regular writer, rather than a TV book nerd!

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