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5 Home Upgrades To Future-Proof Your Home

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, whether you want to make your home more practical for living in now, or you’re preparing for a future sale, I share 5 home upgrades to future-roof your home.

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Thinking about revamping your living space? Perhaps, like me, you’re keen to make your home more functional and enjoyable for day-to-day life. Or maybe you have a future sale in mind and want to maximize your home’s appeal to potential buyers. Whichever your motivation, “future-proofing” your home offers a strategic approach that yields benefits now and prepares your space for the ever-evolving needs of modern living.h

Changing attitudes and evolving technology will have a drastic impact on the requirements of future homes. By thinking about people’s future needs, you can invest in home improvements that will make your home more practical and more attractive in the future. Below are 5 home upgrades to consider in order to future-proof your home. 

5 Home Upgrades To Future-Proof Your Home

Smart Technology

Being able to control different elements of your home from an app on your phone will gradually become the norm. Things like smart heating and smart lighting can be attractive to people with disabilities, as well as allowing people on a tight budget to more easily restrict their energy usage.

Smart security can meanwhile allow you to constantly monitor your home against threats – smart doorbells can allow you to see who is at your front door, while smart locks can not be picked.

This post at TechTarget delves more into the different smart tech upgrades you can make to your home. 

Additional Sockets

The average household is using more and more electronic devices each decade. Already many of us are running out of sockets and relying on multi-socket extension cables – which can pose a fire risk if plug too many high voltage appliances in.

Adding extra sockets to your home could encourage more practical and safer use of devices. Rooms where extra sockets are most useful include living spaces and kitchens. An electrician can help you install these sockets.

EV Charger Point

Electric vehicles will one day replace petrol and diesel vehicles on our roads. In fact, the UK government has already put in place a mandate that will require all new cars sold in the UK by 2035 to be EVs. Having an EV charger point at home will become a necessity for many people.

Whether you’re in your forever home or planning to sell in the future, it could therefore be worth installing an EV charger point. Grants are currently available to some homeowners and could be worth looking into. It’s worth noting that installing such a charger could increase the value of your home. 

Solar panels

Our increased electricity demand will mean more expensive energy bills and more fossil fuel usage. More homeowners will start to see the benefits of installing solar panels – providing a free source of renewable energy for years to come.

Companies like All Seasons Energy can help you to install solar panels on your home, as well as advising you where to place them and how to apply for local solar grants.

With enough solar panels located in the right locations, you may even be able to power your entire home off solar power. 

Electric heating

After 2025, no new homes will contain gas boilers. Instead, electric heat pumps are set to be the main source of heating in homes. Making the switch to electric heating now could make sense if your boiler is already old or faulty. As gas prices go up and the amount of gas engineers decreases, gas boilers could start to become a costly liability in homes.

There are guides online about installing electric heating in your home.


By incorporating these 5 home upgrades, you’ll be well on your way to future-proofing your living space. These improvements not only enhance your day-to-day comfort and enjoyment of your home, but they also hold the potential to increase your property value and broaden its appeal to future buyers. So, invest in the future of your home today!

Embrace these upgrades, enjoy the benefits they bring, and rest assured that your haven is prepared to meet the evolving needs of modern living for years to come.

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