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Avoid ‘Stuffocation’ This Christmas By Choosing Experience Gift Ideas

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, a UK gift company says a shift in Christmas gift buying behaviour could be the key to avoiding becoming ‘stuffocated’.

A UK gift company says a shift in Christmas gift buying behaviour could be the key to avoiding becoming ‘stuffocated’.

Experience Days

The festive season can feel overwhelming with just how many ‘things’ some of us can get, according to Abi Sadler, partnerships manager for WonderDays.

“One way to avoid not only too many new things to find a place for but also the levels of waste from empty gift boxes and plastic wrapping, is to choose a gift experience day for Christmas instead,” she said.

On average, in the UK we spend £388 on Christmas gifts per person.*

“That’s a lot of physical possessions to find a home for after Christmas Day,” said Abi.

“Instead, here at WonderDays we’re seeing a shift towards people buying experience gifts instead of material goods, even for younger people and children, when we asked our customers what kind of presents they were considering this Christmas.”


The idea of being ‘stuffocated’ was first put down on paper by trend forecaster James Wallman.

In his book ‘Stuffocation’, Wallman believes people already have more stuff than they could possibly need and the desire to just keep having more is causing stress.

“His solution is to focus more on having experiences and less on our possessions,” added Abi.

“That’s something that fits in so perfectly with finding a gift experience under the tree on Christmas morning, but also with just finding those moments to spend together with those you love.”


WonderDays has also pulled together some of surprising stats around Christmas gift buying.

“We discovered 60 per cent of people prefer giving gifts to receiving them, while the average Christmas shopper buys gifts for eight different people,” said Abi.

“The one statistic that did make us laugh is the suggestion many people are more likely to buy Christmas presents for their pets than their friends.”

WonderDays is a UK gift experience day company launched in early 2022 to offer a more flexible and simple approach to buying days out.

Find more from WonderDays now:

For more information, visit the WonderDays website.

*List of data sources available on the WonderDays Experience Day Gift Changes In Buying blog.


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