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Christmas Songs To Help Kids Sleep

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I discover which are the best Christmas songs to help kids sleep so I can be ready for Christmas eve and settling my VERY excited Smalls to sleep before Father Christmas arrives.

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Helping Kids Sleep

As the big day approaches, I’m thinking about Christmas Eve; a night woven from sugarplum dreams and boundless anticipation. Tiny elves (aka my adorable children) are bouncing off the walls, fueled by sugar and the overwhelming excitement of finding out what’s waiting under the tree in the morning, and I am caught in the delightful pandemonium, holding onto the last vestiges of my sanity and desperately hoping for a peaceful night’s sleep before the inevitably VERY early start of Christmas day.

Does this sound familar? Well fear not, because this blog post is your guide to the perfect Christmas Eve soundtrack for little insomniacs!

A new study conducted by bedroom furnishings experts Bed Kingdom has algorithmically revealed the top Christmas songs most likely to help children fall asleep, featuring artists such as Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé and Kelly Clarkson. It is designed to maintain a slow, relaxing, acoustic melody to lull listeners into a peaceful sleep.  

The experts analysed key song characteristics of more than 300 tracks from Spotify ‘sleep’ playlists. These criteria were applied in an advanced song search, pinpointing the top Christmas songs most closely aligned with specific metrics, including beats per minute (BPM), danceability, happiness, liveness and acousticness.  

Top Sleeping Criteria for Songs 

      BPM      Danceability      Happiness      Liveness      Acousticness 
     94     15     8     11     96 

Following an analysis of Spotify playlists, researchers identified key trends in featured tracks, characterised by an average BPM of 94, low danceability, low happiness, low liveness and high acousticness.  

Consequently, the closest-matching songs include classic artists like Frank Sinatra, Doris Day and Nat King Cole, festive icons including Mariah Carey, Andrea Bocelli and Michael Bublé, as well as modern artists like Ellie Goulding, Mother’s Daughter and Kelly Clarkson. Despite the diverse array of artists, all the listed songs share similar audio features known for inducing a deep sleep. 

The Top Ten Christmas Songs To Help Kids Sleep

      Song      Artists(s) 
     The Secret of Christmas     Mother’s Daughter, Beck Pete, Ryan James Tillema 
     White Christmas     Michael Bolton 
     Silent Night     Michael Bublé 
     Angels We Have Heard on High     Andrea Bocelli 
     I’ll Be Home for Christmas (If Only in My Dreams)     Frank Sinatra 
     Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas     Kelly Clarkson 
     O Holy Night     Ellie Goulding 
     Christmas Present     Doris Day 
     A Cradle in Bethlehem     Nat King Cole 
     Christmas Time Is in The Air Again     Mariah Carey 

Ensuring a peaceful Christmas Eve for children is crucial. A thoughtfully crafted bedtime playlist, featuring gentle melodies, hushed tones, and soothing rhythms, can contribute to a tranquil night’s sleep.”

This approach aims to enhance the holiday experience for kids, offering a calming atmosphere through the enchanting voices of artists like Sinatra and Bublé.

-expert from Bed Kingdom


And there you have it, weary parents! A treasure trove of Christmas songs to lull your little bundles of joy into sweet slumber.

Now, as you tiptoe out of the bedroom, leaving behind the gentle whisper of a lullaby, allow yourself a moment to savor the victory. You’ve tamed the Christmas Eve frenzy, wielded the power of music, and paved the way for a peaceful night’s sleep. Tomorrow awaits, brimming with unwrapped presents, excited squeals, and the heartwarming chaos of family togetherness. But for now, relish the quiet hush, the gentle snores, and the knowledge that you’ve created a haven of calm amidst the joyful storm.

So, breathe easy, pour a glass of Baileys, and take some grown up time to relax. You’ve earned it. The lullabies have worked their magic, and Christmas morning beckons with all its wonder.

Merry Christmas, fellow parents, and sweet dreams to your little dreamers!

Sources: Spotify, Tunebat 

Methodology: During this study, 306 songs were taken from the following official Spotify ‘Sleep’ playlists: Deep Sleep, Sleep and Sleep Tight. Each piece was analysed for beats per minute (BPM), danceability, happiness, liveness and acousticness, establishing an average criterion for all entries. These characteristics were used as filters for Tunebat’s advanced search feature, which identified matching Christmas songs. Calculated by Euclidean distance, the qualifying Christmas songs were chosen based on those closest to the established criteria.   

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