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How To Wear Cozy Girl Fashion This Winter

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out top tips from the experts at Boohoo for how to wear cozy girl fashion this Winter, a trend that is absolutely perfect for me!

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Cozy Girl Fashion

Like ‘tomato girl summer,’ which trended earlier this year thanks to Hailey Bieber, we’re now in ‘cozy girl’ season. The ‘cozy girl’ tag has racked up over 29 million TikTok views, with interest soaring over 20 times in three years. 

As somebody who is always cold and spends the Winter months cocooned in layers of fluff, this is absolutely right up my street. But how to look stylish whilst still feeling cozy is something of a mystery as I mainly favour oversized hoodies and fluffy things with animal ears. To help me out, fashion experts from Boohoo have sent over their top tips for the trending fashion pieces to wear this winter, and how to wear cozy girl fashion.

What is the cozy girl aesthetic?

Like the ‘vanilla’ or ‘clean girl,’ the cozy girl aesthetic captures a comfortable lifestyle, prioritizing wellness and feel-good, hygge energy. Experts attribute its growing popularity to “the rise in working from home and wellness and sobriety trends popular with Gen Z.”

The trend is growing year-on-year, with Google searches for ‘vanilla girl’ soaring 270% over the last five years and the TikTok hashtag racking up an eye-watering two billion views. 

The vibe is relaxed yet refined. Think chunky knits, cardigans, tracksuits, and wide-legged pants in soft, plush fabrics like wool, cashmere, and neutral tones with warm accents. Key footwear pieces include slip-on shoes, sneakers, and boots.

Trending cozy outfits in winter 2023

Knitwear is bigger than ever this season, with Pinterest trends revealing a 92% increase in searches compared to last year.

The ‘off shoulder sweater‘ style has soared in interest by 355% year-on-year. Neutral colors are trending, with ‘white sweater outfit’ searches skyrocketing 455% in the last three months.

Sweatpants, an early A/W 23 trend, have seen searches rise 52% compared to last year.

Where to find cozy style inspiration?

For cozy girl inspiration, look to classic comfort watches such as Meg Ryan’s rom-com ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ ‘Gilmore Girls,’ and ‘Friends’ which feature layered ‘90s pieces such as below-the-knee skirts, cardigans, fuzzy fleeces, and chunky loafers.

The experts commented, “Nostalgia plays a big part in the ‘cozy girl’ aesthetic, as classic watches like Gilmore Girls evoke the same sense of comfort and ease that the style seeks to achieve.”

How to style cozy fashion?

The experts commented: “Incorporate luxurious textiles and stick to a neutral palette. Oversized knits, relaxed-fit pants, fresh sneakers, slip-ons, or boots are ideal as they balance comfort and style, staying chic and away from slouchy territory.

Be careful to avoid overwhelming your shape with bagginess. Use simple tricks, like tucking the front of your sweater into your pants to define your waistline, and not forgetting to add some jewelry will elevate the style from glum to glam without sacrificing comfort.”

Sources: Pinterest, Google Trends, TikTok

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