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My New Adventure With Squirrel Lettings!

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I share my new adventure working as the website designer, blogger and social media manager for Squirrel Lettings, my parents family holiday let business.

Hey everyone, I’m excited to share a bit of personal news with you! As some of you may know, I’ve always been passionate about writing and storytelling. But lately, I’m taking my passion to something new – by joining forces with my very own family!

Squirrel Lettings

That’s right, I’m officially onboard with Squirrel Lettings, the charming self-catering holiday let business run by my parents. I’m now the proud website designer, blogger and social media manager, bringing my creative energy to help them share their cozy retreats with the world.

For me, this isn’t just a job; it’s a chance to combine my passion for writing with the warmth of family. Growing up, I spent countless hours exploring the quaint villages and rolling hills of Staffordshire, the very heartland where Squirrel Lettings offers its unique escapes. Now, I get to celebrate this beautiful region through captivating social media posts and a website that truly captures the essence of a Squirrel Lettings stay.

As a fun side note, Squirrel Barn, their largest property in the quaint village of Milwich, was the setting for the film Hollowhood which I wrote and directed with Jonathan McKinney, and is available to watch now on Tubi and Plex!

But this isn’t just a solo adventure. I’m learning so much from my parents, seasoned veterans in the hospitality industry. They’ve taught me the importance of genuine care, attention to detail, and creating spaces that truly feel like home away from home. It’s a privilege to be a part of their legacy, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.

Squirrel Lettings Website

As the digital architect behind www.squirrellettings.com, I’m on a mission to create a website that’s more than just a booking portal – it’s a warm invitation into the heart of Staffordshire’s cozy escapes. Think of it as your virtual haven, where you can wander through our charming properties, peek into their character-filled corners, and feel the promise of a rejuvenating getaway.

My approach is simple: capture the essence of Squirrel Lettings’ warmth and personality. Forget sterile templates and corporate vibes; I’m weaving a tapestry of rich visuals, inviting descriptions, and subtle touches that whisper the story of each property. I’m talking high-quality photos, showcasing the rustic beams, cosy rooms, and enchanting gardens that make each Squirrel Lettings stay unique.

Of course, a website needs to be functional too. But I believe the best experiences go beyond clicking “Book Now.” That’s why I’m creating a rich tapestry of content that goes beyond listings. Imagine browsing through local area guides, curated by someone who knows the hidden gems and secret trails. Discover restaurant reviews that paint a picture of the flavors and atmosphere waiting for you. And get inspired by blog posts overflowing with getaway tips, from packing hacks to rainy day activities.

But the real magic lies in encouraging direct bookings. By booking directly with the Squirrel Lettings team, rather than through a generic platform you get not only the personal touch, but also the best prices available. I’ve also added a “Meet The Team” section, introducing you to the friendly faces of this family run business behind these cozy havens, adding a human touch to your online journey.

My goal is simple; to make www.squirrellettings.com your gateway to a memorable escape. A place where you can not only find the perfect accommodation but also get swept away by the charm of Staffordshire and the warmth of Squirrel Lettings’ hospitality. So, come wander through our virtual haven, get inspired, and book your cozy adventure. Remember, the best deals and a personalized touch await you when you book direct!

Squirrel Lettings Blog

As a writer, I’ve always been drawn to the power of words to evoke emotions and paint vivid pictures. And what better way than to blog about the incredible homes Squirrel Lettings has to offer?

I’m thrilled to craft stories that go beyond booking pages and welcome you into the heart of Staffordshire, where our charming self-catering havens await. Forget generic guides and tourist traps – I’ll dive deep into the local magic, whispering secrets of hidden gems, delectable hidden eateries, and tips for crafting the perfect getaway, all with a dash of Squirrel charm.

Think of it as your insider’s guide, penned by someone who’s not just writing, but living and breathing Staffordshire. I’ve explored its quaint villages, marveled at its rolling hills, and inhaled the fresh air (with maybe a slice of delicious cake from a local bakery in between) – and I’m eager to share this love with you.

Local Gems Uncovered: Forget guidebook staples, I’ll lead you to ancient woodlands, bustling farmers’ markets brimming with local produce, and charming tea shops where time seems to stand still. Your next adventure starts here!

Foodie Forays: I’ll be your culinary compass, writing restaurant and pub reviews, uncovering hidden gems from Michelin-starred havens to cozy pubs serving up the best fish and chips you’ve ever tasted. I also make sure to highlight pet friendly and child friendly locations to make your planning as easy as possible.

Getaway Guru: Planning can be half the fun, and I’m here to make it a breeze. Whether you crave a romantic retreat for two or a family escape brimming with giggles, I’ll share tips on packing, planning activities, and making the most of your Squirrel Lettings stay. It’s your personalized escape plan, served with a smile!

Squirrel Lettings Social Media

As Squirrel Lettings’ social media maestro, I’m here to whisk you away on a whirlwind tour with features on Squirrel Lettings properties and highlights of the local area with a delightful mix of visuals and stories, all designed to ignite your wanderlust and introduce you to the charm of Staffordshire’s cozy escapes.

But it’s not just about platforms – it’s about engagement! We love interactive comments, questions, and suggestions. Share your favorite memories, tag your travel buddies, and join the conversation. We’re here to create a community of Squirrel Lettings enthusiasts, all eagerly awaiting their next cozy escape.

So, how can you support me in this exciting new chapter? By following Squirrel Lettings on social media (links below!), of course! Like, share, and comment on our posts to spread the word about these incredible holiday havens. Every interaction helps us reach new audiences and share the magic of Squirrel Lettings.

Thank you for being a part of my journey! I can’t wait to share more about Squirrel Lettings, Staffordshire’s hidden treasures, and the adventures that await you there. Remember, a cozy escape is just a click away!

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