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Smudging is a traditional practice utilized by many societies to purify and cleanse a space. It involves burning sage, which is a plant said to have strong cleansing properties. Smudging is an easy and effective method for purifying a space. It can also be used to get rid of negative energy, which is a great way to cultivate a sense of calm.

Smudging Kit Comes With:

Smudge Stick – Dark Sage 10cm

Dark sage is a refinement strategy that likewise impacts your condition of cognizance. It is created from the Artemisia vulgaris plant, which develops on the bank of Mexico and California.

Sage has a pungent, sharp scent that can be described as spicy. Not everybody enjoys this smell, so it serves a more practical purpose than a pleasant scent for the house.

Smudge Stick – Blue Sage 10 cm

Blue sage is different from white sage by the smell that is released when you burn it. Sage has a sharp, exceptionally impactful smell, described as firey. This smell does not appeal to everyone. It is in this way more practical than a lovely home scent. Blue sage, in contrast to white sage, smells like lavender.

Smear Stick – White Sage 10cm

White sage is additionally called Indian incense. It is produced from the silvery-white leaves of the Salvia Apiana plant, which are found along the California coast. It is a sacred herb that Native American shamans have used in their purification rituals for centuries.

Selenite Stick Raw Crystal – Natural Stone 10 cm (4 Inch)

Selenite is a calming stone that imparts profound harmony and is perfect for meditation or spiritual work.

Selenite is widely acknowledged as one of the most effective healing crystals. Additionally, it is a connection to the crown, third eye, and etheric chakras. Some claim that it encourages honesty and purity. It is said it makes the individual holding it be honest with themselves.

Three Santo Palo

Palo Santo means blessed holy and is, similarly to white sage, start from the local Indians in South America. They’ve been using it to purify the aura and heal from negative influences for centuries. Even in Europe, people choose to purchase holy wood for its pure scents or to clean their homes.

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