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Top Wedding Dress Trends Of 2024

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, in the aftermath of Valentine’s Day when engagement announcements were abound, I check out the top wedding dress trends of 2024.

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I love Valentine’s Day so much. I love romance, I love both loving and being loved, and I love to see happy couples celebrating their adoration of one another. Then, most of all, I love to see the excited and happy faces of all the couples who have got engaged and are planning to have a wedding! (No, it’s not me, don’t get silly now. I just love to see it.)

For all the newly-betrothed lovebirds out there, congratulations! And as the excitement settles and reality sets in, one major question starts swirling: the dress. Don’t worry, lovebirds, your trusty fashion fairy godmother (me!) is here to guide you through the enchanting world of 2024 wedding dress trends.

A study of Google Trends search data has revealed that searches for ‘wedding dresses’ have soared 681% worldwide compared to the past 12 months as brides-to-be seek inspiration. To help us out, fashion experts at Dalston Mill Fabrics sent over their predictions for the most sought-after styles for 2024 and which dresses we will see most walking down the aisle.  

Top Wedding Dress Trends 2024

1. Ethereal

The ‘ethereal’ wedding dress aesthetic presents the epitome of exquisitely beautiful, delicate style. The style is often showcased using soft fabrics such as tulle, satin, and silk with intricate detailing of lace or subtle beading.  

The style has gained popularity as worldwide searches have spiked 700% in January 2024 when compared to the previous three months – showcasing the growing demand this year. #EtherealWeddingDress has also gained a huge 4.8 million views on TikTok as people seek inspiration.  

The ethereal wedding aesthetic is reminiscent of the long-standing ‘boho’ bridal trend – which has been a popular style for brides over the years – with over 92 million views on TikTok videos tagging #BohoWeddingDress and fashion icons like Kate Moss donning the style. Moss wore a vintage-inspired John Galliano boho gown for her nuptials in 2011. 

The experts noted, “The new trend presents silhouettes and fabrics like those of a more established bohemian look. However, ethereal dresses are largely more refined but with a playful air – making them a unique choice for any bride wanting to stand out.” 

#WhimiscalWeddingDress has also gained 27.2 million views on TikTok and over 1,000 Instagram posts featuring the tag. This style is the perfect example of the ethereal wedding aesthetic and showcases its popularity for 2024 brides – as these dresses have surged 1,049% worldwide compared to the past three months. 

2. Old Money 

Another trend which has dominated style in general is the ‘old money aesthetic’, which exudes quiet luxury and timeless elegance – and its popularity in bridal style is no different.  

‘Old money wedding dresses’ saw a 999% spike in global searches as the new year began when compared to the last three months of 2023, and #OldMoneyWeddingDress has gained a staggering 67.7 million views on TikTok. 

There is a variety of popular styles which can encapsulate this aesthetic, which are likely to be donned by many 2024 brides. #ElegantWeddingDress has a huge 12.4 million TikTok views and a further 6.8K Instagram posts tagging the style.  

Similarly, ‘timeless wedding dresses’ have seen a 57% interest increase on Pinterest over the past three months and ‘minimalist wedding dress[es]’ have seen a 942% global Google search surge over the same period.  

The experts revealed how to achieve this appeal: “To adopt the old money aesthetic in your bridal style, stick to simpler silhouettes with clean lines and minimal detailing. The simple elegance of this style will not distract attention from you on your wedding day but instead enhance your natural beauty.”  

Illustrations of this style can be seen perfected by many celebrities, including Nicola Peltz’s chic, clean-column Valentino dress she wore during her nuptials to Brookly Beckham. Similarly, either of Meghan Markle’s simple and iconic dresses from her and Prince Harry’s wedding, would provide the ultimate inspiration for brides seeking to emulate the ‘old money’ appeal on their big day. 

3. Modern Mini  

An interesting trend for the modern bride in 2024, which many will opt for this wedding season, is a mini wedding dress. 

These short dresses have been traditionally seen as reception dresses, which brides change into after the ceremony to dance the night away, rather than their showstopping ceremony gown. But not this year – mini dresses will be the only dress of choice for many brides’ big day.  

Internet searches for ‘mini wedding dress’ have hit an all-time high worldwide – seeing a 264% global surge in interest at the start of 2024. Similarly, demand has spiked higher than ever before in the UK and US – by 426% and 363%, respectively.  

This style breaks tradition but offers a stylish twist on classic gowns, and its popularity for brides-to-be appears only to be growing, with #MiniWeddingDress seeing a TikTok view count of 8.6 million and counting.  

Brides hoping to showcase a #ModernWeddingDress (around 5.5K posts on Instagram) may opt for a mini wedding dress – and the style makes for a A-list choice too.  

Mini wedding dresses are one of the best ways to make a statement on your big day and celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian think so too. The now Mrs Barker, wore a famed Dolce & Gabbana structured mini during her Italian ceremony in May 2022, reportedly inspired by 1960’s wedding lingerie. 

More recently, Sofia Richie Grainge selected a sophisticated, bespoke Chanel mini as her final choice of three incredible dresses from her nuptial weekend. Mrs Richie Grainge spanned trending styles on her day, wearing an ‘old money’-inspired halter neck gown for her ceremony – cementing her as a bridal style icon this year.  

The fashion experts at Dalston Mill Fabrics commented, “It is clear from the trending styles, that brides are turning to options that were once considered ‘fun’ or novel dress ideas; instead viewing them with the same adoration as the wedding gown they dreamt of growing up. 

“There are strong connections between iconic celebrity wedding dresses and the growth in certain trends, which highlights the unique and significant influence that A-listers have on the fashion choices of brides everywhere.” 

4. Princess Ballgown 

However, for those brides who are seeking a traditional style for their wedding dress, princess-style ballgowns will be the most popular choice this year.   

This showstopping style is quintessentially bridal and what most think of when they picture a typical wedding dress – so it’s no wonder #BallgownWeddingDress has gained an impressive 104.2 million views on TikTok and a further 5.5K tags on Instagram posts. 

Taking inspiration from royalty, this style fits perfectly in the ‘princess’ bridal aesthetic, which has dominated social media, gaining 78.8 million TikTok views on videos featuring #PrincessWeddingDress. 

The experts commented, “Paired with a simple veil or topped off with a tiara to complete the look, a princess-style ballgown is a beautifully striking choice for any bride this year and will be sure to have all eyes on you on your big day.” 

Heiress-turned-entrepreneur Paris Hilton perfected the style on her day with not one but two of her six dresses from her wedding weekend in November 2021. Her ceremony and first dance dresses – designed by Oscar de la Renta and Galia Lahav, respectively – were exquisite examples of the princess ballgown style at its best.  

Wedding Dress Trends

It is not only celebrity wedding dress silhouettes which will be popular this year, but following these trends, it is likely that we will see an uptick in brides donning more ornate fabrics like lace or floral appliqué embellishments – as seen on Paris Hilton or Hailey Bieber. However, where 2024 brides opt for cleaner, more simple fabric choices, they will be keen to add personal touches – perhaps with a bespoke veil or by incorporating sentimental jewellery to their look. 

A unique addition to 2024 bridal style will also be the addition of bows on dresses – both big and small. Bows are one of the most popular fashion trends of the year, so it is likely they will feature heavily in bridal style too – suiting all popular aesthetics and adding a fashion-forward but simultaneously retro appeal to wedding looks.

-Fashion experts at Dalston Mill Fabrics


Google Trends, Pinterest Trends, Instagram and TikTok. 


·        Social media were used to find the most popular aesthetics and styles when searching for wedding dresses, and then shortlisted by those which have seen specific interest increases at the beginning of 2024.

·        To identify the interest spikes, the average search volume over a specified period was calculated against the highest peak value in the chart to find the percentage increases. 

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