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Which Is The Most Popular Supermarket For Your Christmas 2022 Food Shop?

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I look at a new study which revealed that Marks And Spencer is the UK’s most Googled supermarket for Christmas food in 2022.  

Christmas Food Shop

Christmas is nearly here, and one of the best things about the festive season, in my opinion, is all the food! Christmas cheese is a glorious thing, then there’s the snacks, the meals, the snacks between the meals, or the nibbles you have between the snacks between the meals.

christmas tree shaped biscuits on plate
Photo by Marta Dzedyshko on Pexels.com

So, with that in mind, you want to make sure you’re getting a tasty treat. So where are we all doing our Christmas food shop this year?

Experts at New Casinos analysed Google search data to discover the most searched for supermarket in the UK for the Christmas food shop.  

Marks And Spencer

The most searched-for supermarket for Christmas food is Marks And Spencer, with an average of 25,000 searches a month.  The search term “M&S Christmas food” recevied more than double the queries of the second-placed supermarket. 

M&S has 90 dedicated Christmas items ready to order, including brand-new to 2022 products such as the ‘Lobster Mac & Cheese Crostini’, and the ‘Hot cheese grazing platter’ and five Christmas items for vegans.


With 10,000 monthly Google searches, the second most popular supermarket in the UK for Christmas food is Waitrose. Heston Blumenthal has three items for this year’s Christmas, Turkey Breast, Festive Peking Duck and an Espresso Martini Chocolate Torte.  


Sainsbury’s comes in third place with 7,300 average monthly searches . Their deadline for delivery orders is midnight on the 16th of December. Compared to last year, Sainsbury’s has seen a 50% decrease in searches for their Christmas food. 


The fourth most popular supermarket is Tesco, with 7,100 monthly Google searches for their Christmas range. The interest in Tesco has stayed steady since 2017.  


One of my favourites, Aldi, ranks as the fifth most searched for supermarket for this year’s Christmas food shop, with an average monthly search volume of 4,400. 

christmas dinner on table
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com


With an incredible 203 Christmas products to order, Morrisons comes in sixth place. 22 of their products are listed as gluten-free, 14 cater to those having a vegan diet, and 64 items are for vegetarians. According to Ahrefs, the term ‘Morrison’s Christmas food’ receives 4,100 searches, on average per month. 


Another of my favourites, Iceland comes in seventh. They offer a roast bundle of one main and five sides for £28, and have an average monthly search volume of 2,100, which is 22,900 fewer searches than supermarket competition Marks and Spencer.  


Asda is in eighth place with an average monthly search volume of 1,900.


Lidl comes in as the ninth most popular supermarket for a Christmas food shop. Lidl has seen a steady decrease in interest for its Christmas products since 2019.

Google Trends

The research also analysed Google Trends to discover when the nation starts planning its Christmas feast, with the interest in ‘Christmas food shop’ typically starting to rise in September.   

Over the past five years, M&S has been the most popular Christmas food search on six occasions, however, in 2018 “Waitrose Christmas food” won the festive food fight, receiving more search interest than M&S. Waitrose Christmas advert 2022 focuses on the all-year-round care that goes into making Christmas special.  

M&S’s most popular Colin the Caterpillar cake has been recreated ‘with his skates on’, for the Christmas shop.  

Christmas Shopping

“Christmas can be an extremely exciting time, with many companies making a huge profit from this season. It is interesting to see which supermarkets are winning the race to be the most popular choice for Christmas food and that some are taking over other prominent shops,” said a spokesperson from New Casinos. “With the rising cost-of-living challenges, Christmas is undoubtedly an expensive time of year. Many supermarkets are attempting to ease the burden with a range of price points and Christmas dinner deals. Asda have stated “Whatever your budget, there is a Christmas for everyone” whilst Waitrose has announced a ‘festive £40 for four’ including all of the trimmings and desserts.”  

            Average Monthly Search Volume  
        Keyword      Search volume  
        m&s christmas food     25000 
        waitrose christmas food     10000 
        sainsburys christmas food     7300 
        tesco christmas food     5400 
        aldi christmas food     4400 
        morrisons christmas food     4100 
        iceland christmas food     2100 
        asda christmas food     1900 
        lidl christmas food     1300 
        m&s christmas food     25000 


The search term “*Insert supermarket name* Christmas food shop” was entered into Ahrefs to determine the average monthly search volume. It was also entered into Google Trends to analyse any changes in interest 

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