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Best Ways To Save Money On Bills

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out top tips from the experts at Howden Insurance for the best ways to save money on bills so we can have a more financially free 2024.

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2023 was a financial rollercoaster, wasn’t it? Between skyrocketing grocery prices, those eye-watering energy bills, and the ever-present vortex that is the kiddos’ bottomless stomachs, it felt like our wallets were doing the Macarena on a budget tightrope. But let’s make 2024 is the year we get control of our financial sanity, one clever hack and budget-friendly tip at a time.

So, gather your tired mum-bun, down that last precious caffeine molecule, because I’m talking real-life, tried-and-tested strategies to save money on bills. Remember, this isn’t about deprivation (hello, sanity!). It’s about taking control, flexing our financial muscles, and creating a 2024 where fun, laughter, and family time don’t come with a side of financial anxiety.

To help us out, experts at Howden Insurance have sent over their top tips for how to save money on bills, especially while the weather is super cold!

Best Ways To Save Money On Bills

Put your heating on a timer 

Typically, the most energy-efficient way to keep the costs down on your heating bill is to use a timer, which can help monitor your home’s heating system in each room when needed. You can take complete control over your home’s heating if you have a room thermostat or a smart heating system, as well as the ability to heat the specific rooms you are using for the exact amount of time you need them on. This will make sure you’re only heating up the specific room you plan on spending the day or the majority of your time in. 

If you do not have a room thermostat or a smart heating system, the best times turn on your heating are during the morning hours, just before you get up, and turning it off an hour before you leave. Some believe it is cheaper to keep your heating running all day at a lower temperature, but this will cost you more as you are using a constant flow of energy. 

Putting your heating on through a timer when you are out is also a great way to make sure your home is significantly warmer for when you return home for the day.  

You should also avoid leaving the heating on overnight as this can cause your body to overheat and cause restlessness in the long run.  

Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated 

If you’re planning on driving in these typically icy conditions, you should ensure your tyres are fully and properly inflated. 

When your tyres are under-inflated, they increase your vehicle’s drag, increasing fuel consumption. Driving with under-inflated tyres can also severely affect the longevity of your tyres, the steering and braking distances. 

How to check your tyres? 

Most petrol stations have handy air machines which can identify the pressure in your tyres and inflate them, or buy a tyre inflation kit which you plug into the car and gets the job done at home. I have one I keep under the passenger seat and it saves me so much worry about trying to find and use an air pump at a garage.

The type of vehicle you have will determine how much tyre pressure your car requires. You can check this either in your vehicle’s manual, driver’s door or petrol cap.

De-ice your windows, windscreen and wipers

It is particular common in colder temperatures for cars to blow a fuse when their wipers are frozen to the windscreen, this can cause you to be caught up in a breakdown before you have even left your drive.

Trying to use your wipers to clear ice can put extreme strain on the wiper motor and linkage. This can lead to premature wear and tear, potentially resulting in costly repairs. When you scrape ice off your windows, you scrape it off the wiper blades too. Using frozen wipers damages the rubber, leading to streaking and decreased visibility. Eventually, you’ll need to replace them, which is an unnecessary expense. De-icing prevents this damage and saves you money on wiper blade replacements and avoids potential repair bills.

A layer of ice and snow on your windows and windscreen increases air resistance, forcing your engine to work harder and burn more fuel to maintain speed. Some estimates suggest fuel efficiency can drop by 20% with significant ice buildup. By clearing the ice, you reduce this air resistance and allow your engine to run more efficiently, saving you money at the pump.

You can prevent having to scrape off ice from your vehicle by placing a sheet over your car the night before.

Keep your pan lids on while cooking 

Having a warm and hearty meal at the end of a long day should be something to look forward to. So, one thing that is bound to save you some pennies is keeping your pan lids on your pans while cooking.  

By using your pan lids, you can save 10% on energy. You can lower your cooker hob settings and reduce your oven temperature to ensure your cooking times are the same. By leaving pan lids on, you are trapping heat which will allow you to cook your food faster and therefore, reduce the amount of time you are using energy in the kitchen. 

Here are a few more money-saving tips to take into the New Year: 

Turn down your thermostat 

When you have a large group of friends or family visiting, why not turn down the heat a few degrees, as much more heat is being generated naturally.  

Switch off your outside lighting when you are out 

When heading out for the evening or even going to bed, make sure you are switching off all your lights and appliances. This will help to reduce your home’s carbon emissions.

Air fryers are a great investment  

If you have an airfryer this is also a fantastic way to save some cash. As air fryers tend to have much shorter cooking times than that of a conventional oven it will reduce the amount of energy you might use if using your oven. 

Plus, as a side note, I use our air fryer all the time and the home made chips I put in it turn out AMAZING.

Reduce costly breakdowns and accidents by checking tyre tread depth

In the UK the minimum legal depth of tread is 1.6mm however, in colder conditions, it is recommended to be above 3mm.


I hope this has been helpful and you feel less stressed about going forward with your 2024 finances. If you have any helpful money saving tips, drop me a comment and let’s all help each other out! Hopefully, in time, this crazy world will start to settle down and we can get back to normality… but until then, we can just get by to the best of our ability. And I hope this post helps.

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