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Best Ways To Style Short Shorts

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I get ready for Summer by learning the best ways to style short shorts, and see if any of them will suit me!

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The sun is finally peeking through the clouds, we’re embracing the garden with BBQs and games of football, and the time to start cracking out the lighter clothes has arrived! And what is more Summery than short shorts?!

I see short shorts on influencers and celebrities, but can I pull them off myself? After all, I’m 38, I’m not as slim as I once was, and I’ve got kids who are super keen to point out when I’m making a fashion faux pas.

Today, I’m exploring all the different ways to wear short shorts and see if any of them become my new go-to look. To help me out, fashion experts at Boohoo have sent over a helpful guide to making this season’s hottest trend wearable, depending on whether you want to dress them up for breezy evening outings, or dress them down for casual hangs with friends.

So, grab your favorite pair of short shorts, dust off those sunglasses, and get ready to channel your inner summer goddess (or god) as we navigate the world of stylishly rocking those shorter lengths! Let’s see if we can find some inspiration that makes us feel confident and comfortable basking in the summer sun.

Best Ways To Style Short Shorts

Wear Tights Underneath

Tights can be the perfect option for styling short shorts with added warmth and coverage. Wearing nude tights will give the seamless illusion that you’re not wearing any, while providing a way of feeling comfortable in your look.

Alternatively, with ‘#coloredtights’ having garnered more than 6.4 million views on TikTok worldwide, pair your shorts with patterned or colorful opaque tights to add a pop to your outfit.

Leopard is hot this season, which would complement shorts effortlessly or a splash of red to match with accessories. 

Wear Layers

Short shorts provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with different textures and layers to create a stylish look. To balance the length of the shorts, try an oversized sweater to exude confidence while feeling relaxed.

In the US, Google searches for baggy sweaters have exploded by 130% in the last 30 days, signifying the popularity of this wardrobe staple. Similarly, an oversized cardigan would add a level of elegance to your outfit where you can be versatile in its color, texture and size. ‘Knitted cardigans’ are particularly trending right now, with Google searches in the US skyrocketing by 1900% in the last seven days. 

Alternatively, pair your short shorts with a leather jacket to boost the casualness of the look. You could sport a brown or red jacket to give a pop of color to the outfit, or wear black to create a more subtle, monochromatic ensemble. 

Wear Double Denim

Denim shorts have been adored by fashion lovers for decades, becoming a summer staple year after year. The short shorts trend gives this classic a new lease of life, so why not try a pair of denim short shorts to feel your most confident. 

Pairing denim shorts with a denim jacket is the ultimate fashion statement since double denim has come back in style. TikTok Trends reveal that ‘#doubledenim’ has received more than 33.2 million views worldwide, showcasing the scale of popularity for this polarizing trend.

If double denim is not your style, you cannot go wrong with a simple yet chic white linen shirt for the warmer season. Don’t forget to accessorize with gold or silver jewelry to look cool and effortless in your look this season.  

Wear Sporty Short Shorts

Opting for athletic-inspired pieces to wear with your short shorts perfectly combines comfort and style. As mentioned previously, oversized sweaters are in this season, giving you the chance to make your look attuned to the ‘sporty aesthetic’, which has more 10.5 million views as a hashtag on TikTok worldwide.

Pair your oversized sweater and shorts with white socks and sneakers to complete this sporty look. To dress up for an occasion, add some chic sunglasses and dainty metallic jewelry to stay on-trend. 

Wear Heels

To add a touch of sophistication to your short shorts look, wear a pair of heels to elongate your legs and exude confidence. For a more casual style, try a pair of sandals or simple wedges to be beach-ready this summer in your shorts.

Fashion lovers in the US are currently seeking this style, with Google searches for ‘white sandals’ increasing by a staggering 133%. 

For a more formal look, a pair of bold high heels will give a touch of glamor to your short shorts outfit. This could be a strappy pair that matches your ensemble or a colorful pair to add a striking statement. Why not join fellow fashionistas in loving ‘silver heels’ as Google searches for themhave increased by 40% across the US in the last 90 days. 

Style Short Shorts

The short shorts trend may seem difficult to incorporate into your personal style. However, this guide can offer inspiration to make this season’s hottest trend not only wearable but also effortlessly stylish.  

Analyzing Google Trends data to identify how you can dress in shorts means that you feel your most confident this summer. Whether you’re going away on vacation or staying closer to home, dress your best for any occasion.

-A spokesperson from Boohoo


Here’s to a summer filled with sunshine, breezy styles, and the freedom to rock those short shorts with sass! Let me know which styles caught your eye, and share your favorite ways to wear short shorts. Until next time, stay stylish and stay cool!

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