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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I share my gift guide for unusual, creative, and super fun Christmas gifts for six year olds!

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Christmas can be an expensive and stressful time, especially if you have children to buy for and don’t have the budget to buy the latest technology, consoles or gadgets. If, like me, you have family and friends with children of all different ages, and only a thin layer of money to spread between them, finding gifts that are fun and interesting but not too pricey can be a challenge.

Six-year-olds are at an enchanting stage of development, filled with curiosity, imagination, and a zest for life. They are eager explorers, continually expanding their understanding of the world around them and developing their social skills, forming friendships, and establishing their sense of identity. Their world is a canvas of endless possibilities,

In this gift guide, I’ve listed fun, unusual and cute gifts that I hope will spark joy, ignite creativity, and foster a sense of wonder in children around the age of six.

Gifts For Six Year Olds

HeyDoodle Wipe Clean Mats

Founder of HeyDoodle, Beatrice, a dedicated mother of three, envisioned HeyDoodle as a way to enhance children’s learning experiences while considering the planet’s well-being. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Beatrice and her team of stay-at-home moms have put their hearts into designing and assembling these innovative products.

The magic lies in the simplicity and convenience of HeyDoodle’s wipe-clean mats. Once a masterpiece is complete and a child wants to have another go, a simple wipe with a damp cloth resets the mat, ready for new adventures in creativity. This feature makes HeyDoodle mats perfect for various settings, from travel, cafes and restaurants to appointments, waiting rooms, office receptions, and at home.

Printed on premium grade silicone, the A3 reusable colouring mats come in a range of themes and activities to engage curious minds. Comes with 9 non-toxic markers and a handy carry case ready to go with you. Easily wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Choose from Six different designs; Aussie Animals, World Countries, DinoRoar, Toot Toot Honk, Into The Wild or Sugar& Spice

Brian Brackbrick Book Series

GR Dix leads an exciting double life as a scientist and a writer of fun children’s books!

He is a late starter to the world of children’s literature, but has been a fan of books, comics and reading his whole life. The major influences on his writing are (in no particular order): Roald Dahl; Simon Furman; Stephen King; and Terry Pratchett.

The first ‘Brian Brackbrick’ series of chapter books is available. This is a series of 6 books, each with their own stand-alone story, but also with an overarching plotline investigating the true villain, the mysterious ‘Mr Sparker’!

The books star Brian Brackbrick, the super-intelligent, hat-obsessed 10-year-old, with his best friend George Bum. Brian and George strive to solve the mysteries of their home town, and to stop Mr Sparker’s nefarious plans! Illustrated throughout, the Brian Brackbrick books will encourage your eager readers to follow the clues and the story, and to enjoy reading for pleasure.

Book 1 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/49OUuZa

Funky Bath Bombs

For my small ones, bath time is often met with fights about not wanting to get clean because it takes time away from play. However, with the introduction of funky fun bath bombs, bath time can be transformed into an exciting and enjoyable experience that is met with delight not resistance.

The fun shapes, vibrant colors, fizzy reactions, and alluring scents of these funky bath bombs capture children’s imaginations, making them eager to jump into the tub. This newfound enthusiasm for bath time can encourage healthy hygiene habits and create positive associations with water.

A fun gift that doesn’t cost too much, these are a great stocking filler or gift for school friends.

Buy in my shop now: https://www.jjbarnes.co.uk/product-category/gift-ideas/childrens-gifts/


Renowned for their captivating and educational qualities, Connetix Tiles offer an array of magnetic building toys that have become a sensation in the toy market. They promise not only endless hours of enjoyment but also deliver invaluable learning experiences for children of all ages.

The CONNETIX Rainbow Creative Pack 102 Piece comprehensive set is a treasure trove of creativity. With 102 colourful, magnetic tiles, it provides endless possibilities for children to construct a wide array of structures, from towering skyscrapers to intricate mazes. The Rainbow Creative Pack nurtures critical thinking skills as kids design, build, and experiment with shapes, sizes, and patterns. It’s the perfect canvas for your child’s imagination to flourish.

Website: Connetixtiles.com Amazon: https://amzn.to/3uA3QYt

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Sponsor A Star

Over 100,000 children will spend the festive period in hospital, and children’s charity, Starlight, has the perfect stocking filler idea for those looking to do some good this Christmas. Plus, it’s easy, affordable and sustainable! For just £10 you can sponsor a star on Oxford Street for Starlight and all the money will go towards making a child’s stay in hospital brighter this Christmas.

Starlight is the UK’s leading charity for play in hospitals and hospices, making sure children have less scary and less traumatic experiences. By sponsoring a star in your child’s name, they get to feel like they’re doing something good to help other children at Christmas time, and it can spark a really healthy conversation about giving being as important as receiving.

Every star with ‘Stars for Starlight’ gives the gift of play to children in hospital: https://starsforstarlight.org.uk/ 

Journey To The Name Maker

Journey to the Name Maker by Maxine Johone-Smith is a magical adventure following a small bear’s journey as he goes in search of his rightful name. Guided by a single white feather, Scamp must follow his dreams to find the answer to his question. Can he find a way to cross The Singing River, enter The Field of Lucky Cows and pick a winner at Hectors Hoof? Will he choose the right path at the Cross Roads Of No Return and find a way to go round The Square Lake and into the Alphabet Forest beyond? Join Scamp on his journey to find The Name Maker and finally understand, whether he has in fact, been given the wrong name.

With its gorgeous illustrations and captivating storyline, Journey to the Name Maker is sure to become a treasured addition to any child’s library. The book is not only charming and entertaining but also promotes important values such as self-discovery and courage.

Kindle: https://amzn.to/3SnDhjd

Hardcover: https://amzn.to/3SlmxJA

Every six-year-old is unique, with their own distinct personality, interests, and preferences so consider their individual passions and hobbies, listen to their conversations, and pay attention to the things that bring them joy.

Remember, the most meaningful gifts are those that reflect your understanding of their unique personality and preferences, so if you can find gifts that will not only bring them immediate joy but also nurture their passions and contribute to their overall growth and development, you’re nailing it!

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