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Fake Followers Are An Instagram Problem, Even For These Famous Actors!

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out research from Scams.info into which famous actors have the most fake followers on Instagram, and ask what we can do to avoid the bots!

Fake Instagram Followers

I use Instagram a lot, both for my personal photos, and for work pages such as The Table Read. Any good social media expert will tell you that having interactions with followers is really important for a good quality account, and for that you need to have genuine people to interact with!

There are loads of obvious bot accounts spamming on all social media, and mostly I just ignore them and hope they go away (don’t feed the troll etc etc) but sometimes it’s really hard to tell who is real and who is fake. Luckily, it’s not just me who has that problem!

According to new research into famous actors’ accounts by Scams.info, using the Instagram analytical tool, Modash.io, they discovered that Zendaya has the most fake followers on Instagram. Over a quarter (27.47%) of her followers estimated to be fake.


RankCelebrityNumber of followers on InstagramEstimated fake followersPercentage of fake followers
2Gal Gadot90,000,00024,515,99927.24%
3Kevin Hart157,700,00041,112,39026.07%
4Leonardo DiCaprio55,500,00013,691,85024.67%
5Katrina Kaif68,500,00016,707,15024.39%
6Priyanka Chopra83,300,00020,208,58024.26%
7Dwayne Johnson346,800,00083,232,00024.00%
8Jacqueline Fernandez64,000,00015,340,80023.97%
9Zac Efron56,000,00013,193,59923.56%
10Shraddha Kapoor76,000,00017,609,20023.17%


Scams.info found that the actress with the highest percentage of fake followers is Zenday, with 27.47% of her 157.2 million followers estimated to be fake. In comparison to her fellow Spider-Man: No Way Home co star, Tom Holland (16.98%) Zendaya’s estimated percentage of fake followers is 10.49% higher. 

Gal Gadot

In second place is Gal Gadot. Despite having approximately 67 million less followers than Zendaya (157,200,000), 27.24% of her followers estimated to be fake meaning Gadot’s estimated percentage of fake followers is 0.23% fewer than Zendaya (27.47%).

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart places third with 26.07% of his followers on Instagram estimated to be fake. Although Kevin Hart (157.7million) has roughly half the followers of Dwayne Johnson (364 milllon), the estimated percentage of fake followers is 2.07% higher than The Rock. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

In fourth place is Leonardo DiCaprio with 24.67% of his Instagram followers estimated to be fake. In comparison to fellow hearth-throb, Zac Efron, DiCaprio’s estimated percentage of fake followers is 1.11% higher than Efron’s. 

How To Keep Your Account Safe From Bots

Nicholas Crouch from Scams.info has told us how to keep personal information safe from scammers and bot accounts on Instagram:

“Spam bots, or fake accounts are automated profiles that manipulate real-life behaviour by following, liking and connecting with other users. Bots threaten online security, making it harder to see how many real humans engage with your content.

Turning on two-factor authentication is also a great way to keep your account protected, as a code is required if there’s a login attempt from an unrecognised account. Lastly, installing CAPTCHA on your website is a great security method and super effective in preventing bots and scammers. 

Always ignore unexpected messages and avoid clicking on any links. The quicker these accounts are reported, the quicker Instagram is able to deactivate bot accounts!”


  1. Scams.info were keen to find out the actors with the highest number of fake followers on Instagram.
  2. To do this, a seed list of the most followed actors on Instagram was generated from Sacnilk.com’s list. 
  3. Celebrities’ Instagram handles were analysed by Modash.io’s fake follower tool to generate an estimated percentage of fake accounts of the account’s following.
  4. The estimated amount of fake accounts was subtracted from the respective account’s total follow to produce an estimated ‘fake followers’.
  5. Actors were ranked in descending order by their total number of fake followers.
  6. Data was collected between 15th and 16th November 2022 and is accurate as of then.

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