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Glamping Trends That Are Taking The Camping World By Storm

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out the glamping trends that are most popular in 2023 according to experts at Scaldersitch Farm in the Peak District.

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I’m not known for my “outdoorsy” ways. I’m a big fan of pubs and books and sitting in pubs with books, and the most outdoorsy thing I do is walking my dog from home to the pub… while carrying a book.

However, glamping is an option that many have suggested might work as a way to introduce me to the world of outdoor fun. To help me decide if that would be something I’d enjoy, the owners of Scaldersitch Farm in the Peak District, one of the nation’s first and longest-running glamping establishments, have shared eight  glamping trends they have observed over the past 12 years.

Scaldersitch Farm

Catherine and Ian Hine, the owners of Scaldersitch Farm, started their glamping company in 2011 when glamping and boutique camping were still in their infancy. Prior to acquiring the Scaldersitch Farm location in 2015, they began with Secret Cloud House Holidays in the Staffordshire Moorlands. From that point forward, the business has developed impressively, with booking platforms such as Canopy & Stars announcing that income has doubled since pre-pandemic levels.

Throughout recent years, Catherine and Ian have seen a few huge changes in the destinations accessible and what customers are anticipating from their encounters.

Glamping Trends

1) Personalised Luxury

Stays that are completely tailored to meet the needs of visitors are sought after. Since their inception, glamping resorts have expanded their offerings to include everything from wellness treatments to dinners at night with candles and guided walking tours.

2) Higher Standards

Luxury finishes have become more popular. Trends such as a pre-heated hot tub, fridges stocked with local, high-end breakfast ingredients, and soft lighting are becoming increasingly sought after.

3) Glamping Weddings

There has been a trends towards open air weddings, to a great extent driven by more modest financial plans, and a developing fashion among couples in their 20s and 30s to have more rustic, celebration themed festivities, with a small gathering of visitors.

4) Corporate Events

Companies have begun favoring smaller, more focused events over large conferences, particularly since the pandemic. Bookings for all-site glamping that include wellness activities, workshops, or brainstorming sessions have significantly increased.

5) Variation In Quality

Scaldersitch Farm has witnessed significantly more quality variation as the number of sites has increased. The term can mean anything from a pre-pitched tent with cushions, to a 5* extravagance yurt with all the trimmings. When customers arrive, they may not be aware of how luxurious it is, which can lead to disappointment.

6) Sustainability

Developing worry for the climate means that clients are taking more notification of how eco-friendly glamping destinations are, and want to see more locally made items available in things such as breakfast hampers and toiletries.

7) Beyond Summer

The glamping season has extended to cover different seasons, including winter. With the top-end locales offering hot tubs, wood-burners, and different comforts, clients can enjoy a cosy Winter holiday, yet still be in the open country.

8) More Than Canvas Tents

Over the past eight years, glamping has expanded to include tipis, yurts, pods, treehouses, and other outdoor structures as well as tents.

The Development Of Glamping

Catherine explained that they founded Scaldersitch Farm when they came across a run-down caravan site on the Staffordshire border and knew that it could be turned into something very special. They were one of the first locations in the Peak District to offer glamping, which was a new concept at the time. Very few people were doing it.

Since they started, a lot has changed. Glamping has begun to develop and is being embraced by expanding quantities of individuals, especially since the pandemic provoked a move towards more nature-based travel. A lot of the developments have been positive, for example, the expansion of the glamping season with travellers enjoying their lovely outside space in Autumn and Winter, as well as the more customary hotter months.

However, Catherine, who prior to entering the glamping market worked in the luxury hotel industry for a number of years, emphasizes that there have been some drawbacks to the boom, making research essential prior to booking. There is now a much more pronounced variation in quality among the new glamping sites that are being established on a regular basis.

Catherine warned that sites can claim to offer glamping accommodation but not actually be very luxurious at all due to the absence of a formal industry grading standard. This is very different from the luxury hotel industry, which has star rating systems that are accredited nationally. This can make people avoid glamping as a whole, which is obviously bad news for those of us who have very high standards. Catherine’s recommendation is research your chosen location completely, and check things like online review sites, and social media prior to booking. There are a lot of wonderful options available, but with so many websites popping up in recent years, it can be hard to choose one.

Scaldersitch Farm

Scaldersitch Farm was established in 2016 and is situated in some of the most breathtaking countryside in the Peak District. The farm’s wide open skies make it a great place to watch the sunrise and stargaze. It is close to Hartington Village, which is known for its cheese and has a variety of shops, pubs, and tea rooms. It is surrounded by footpaths and cycle trails. Arbor Low, Buxton, and Bakewell, as well as the Tissington Trail and Dovedale stepping stones, are all within easy reach from this location.

At Scaldersitch Farm, five award-winning luxury yurts and tipis have been designed with every last detail in mind, including the Scandinavian hot tubs, which are pre-heated to the ideal temperature, high-quality breakfast foods in the fridge, king-size beds, and private outdoor seating areas. It is the ideal special setting for a getaway with friends or family, with lovely finishing touches like homegrown flowers that have just been picked.

Find more now:

Visit scaldersitchfarm.co.uk to learn more about Scaldersitch Farm.


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