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The Deadline To Order Your Christmas Gifts!

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I discover the what the deadline is to order your Christmas gifts to make sure they arrive in time… then I panic that I’m going to run out of time.

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Ordering Your Christmas Gifts

As the countdown to Christmas intensifies, the hustle and bustle of gift shopping reaches its peak, the festive cheer and the excitement of finding the perfect presents for loved ones can often mean one crucial aspect often gets overlooked – the shipping deadlines!

I have a spreadsheet where I record ever gift I’ve bought for whom, which gifts are complete, then wrapped, and then delivered. It helps me keep on top of what I’m doing and, because I try to spread my Christmas shopping out over a few months to reduce the cost hitting me in one bang, it prevents me from accidentally buying for the same person multiple times.

While this might seem very organised, one thing I always forget is the shipping deadlines. I’m spacing the ordering out so much that as it gets closer to Christmas I seem to have lost track of time and then realise I’ve not finished and it might be too late!

To ensure your gifts arrive on time and spread joy on the big day, it’s essential to beat the Christmas crunch and place your orders early. Here’s a comprehensive guide to online shopping deadlines for a stress-free holiday season.

The Deadline To Order Your Christmas Gifts

To help me out, Ubuy Switzerland sent over their research which found that December 16th is the latest date to buy your presents to receive them before Christmas day… as of this moment… that is TOMORROW!

The study compared average shipping time from well-known online shops such as Disney Store, Sephora, Pandora and more to calculate the ultimate deadline for ordering Christmas presents.

While some shops like Nespresso, Douglas and Ugg have fairly fast standard shipping of 2 to 4 business days, others such as Etsy, Nordstrom and JD Sport have longer waiting times (between 10 to 20 working days), meaning shoppers need to think ahead to make sure they have all their perfectly packed gifts underneath the tree on December 25th.

As we all know, finding the perfect present for our loved ones can be both thrilling and challenging. However, one key to ensuring a stress-free and joyful Christmas is to plan ahead, especially when it comes to online shopping.

In today’s fast-paced world, the convenience of ordering gifts online cannot be overstated. From unique handcrafted items to the latest gadgets, the internet provides many options that cater to every taste. But, and it’s a big but, the key is to order in time to avoid any last-minute chaos.

The holiday rush can lead to shipping delays and items going out of stock, making it crucial to plan your online purchases well in advance. By placing your orders early, you not only secure the gifts you have in mind but also ensure they arrive on your doorstep in time for the big day. It’s the perfect way to beat the holiday hustle and bustle, allowing you to relax and savour the festive moments with your loved ones.

-a spokesperson for Ubuy Switzerland
Online storeMin daysMax daysAverage shipping (standard)DeadlineCut-off date given by the shop
Vestiaire Collective10101013/12N/A
Disney Store5107.515/12N/A
JD Sports48617/12N/A
Beis Travel35419/12N/A
Yankee Candle35419/12N/A
Look Fantastic35419/12N/A
Apple Store253.519/12N/A
The North Face24320/12N/A
Average date   16/12 

*In the case of Anthropologie, Casetify and ASOS, the shop already provided its consumers with a cut-off date to place Christmas orders to make sure they would arrive in time; therefore, calculations were not necessary.

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