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Too Soon? This Is The Exact Date Other Brits Start Playing Christmas Music

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I look at stats from Slotbox.com that show when OTHER Brits start playing their Christmas music, compared to when Jon and I start.

Christmas Music

Jon and I have always loved Christmas, and we start listening to Christmas music far sooner than most of our friends.

Music is a big part of our lives. Our evenings are usually spent listening to music and cooking together, taking turns to choose the songs. If we go out, we aim for the nearest juke box, and blast out our many and varied favourites for all to hear. Because of our love of Christmas, it makes sense that Christmas music takes centre stage the moment the festive season hits.

JJ Barnes in a Christmas Dress
JJ Barnes

However, we also love Halloween. So, out of respect for spooky season, our Christmas music season usually starts at the beginning of November!


Searching Trends

Online entertainment experts at Slotbox.com have done an analysis of Google searching trends to find the exact dates other Brits start searching for Christmas songs – and it’s sooner than you might think.

The data reveals that audiences in the UK start searching for christmas songs’ at the same time every year, between October 25 to 31, to be precise. Even sooner than us!

The searches then continue to soar as Christmas approaches, with the peak coming between December 17 to 25 on average each year.

The End Of Christmas

In our house, as soon as Christmas Day is over, it’s time to move on. I spend Boxing Day cleaning away the decorations and attempting to make sense of the chaos of wrapping paper and gifts tht are scattered across the rug. However, most Brits enjoy the festive music for a little big longer than us. Anaylsis shows that searches for Christmas music take a huge plummet from January 2, when the traditional festivities come to a halt.

Mariah Carey

Slotbox have also found that, for the last five years, audiences have been searching for ‘Mariah Carey’ from the last week in October, suggesting we really do only want her for Christmas.

The iconic Christmas diva is well aware of our love for her, too. Just this week she posted a festive Instagram video to excite her fans, and “All I Want for Christmas” in our heads!

Festive Season

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from Slotbox.com said: “There’s always a lot of conversation around when is the right time to start playing Christmas songs, so it’s interesting to see that searches start to increase from the end of October. Typically, radio stations and retail outlets start playing festive songs from the beginning of December, however, as Brits are keen to get the festivities started two months in advance, perhaps we’ll start to hear Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé even earlier this year.”

Whenever it comes in your house, I hope you manage to enjoy it. With everything being so bleak and stressful out there in the world, may the frothy fun of Christmas music bring you some joy in the darkness.

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