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After Excerpts From Prince Harry’s Book, Spare, Are Leaked, Searches For “Order Spare” Skyrocket

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I take a look at analysis of Google search data showing that, after excerpts of Prince Harry’s upcoming book Spare were released, online searches for ‘Order Spare’ exploded by 226%.

Prince Harry

Born just one year earlier than me, Prince Harry has been one of those famous faces that has grown up alongside me. I broke my heart watching him at his mother’s funeral, I was a difficult teenager thankfully not in the news when he was, and I found love and have a young family now I’m in my thirties. While I’ve never been a Royalist, I’ve always had a soft spot for Harry.

Like everybody else in the world, I’ve been watching the latest royal family drama unfold. And this last week, I have listened to radio conversations, and watched Twitter arguments and jokes explode across my screen, since the excerpts from Harry’s book, Spare, have been leaked. So, it’s no wonder searches for the book have grown!

Order Spare

Searches for Order Spare by Prince Harry on JJ Barnes Blog
Searches for Order Spare

According to an analysis of Google search data, a brand-new discovery made by the celebrity news website CelebTattler reveals that online searches for “Order Spare” skyrocketed to more than double the average volume in just one day, marking an unprecedented increase in the number of people seeking to purchase the eagerly anticipated autobiography of the Duke of Sussex.

A series of online clips from interviews with Anderson Cooper and Tom Bradby, in addition to excerpts revealing that Prince William “physically attacked” his brother in Nottingham Cottage, have sparked an increase in book sales.

“Ever since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down from working Royal life, they have been incredibly selective about the ways in which they share personal information, from a sit down interview with TV magnate Oprah Winfrey or a Netflix series,” said a spokesperson for CelebTattler. “However, these findings highlight that this autobiography from Prince Harry is set to be one of the most highly anticipated projects from the couple with people from all around the world seeking to buy a copy for themselves. It will be interesting to see how much more the Prince shares in the book about his departure as a working royal.”

Will you want to order Spare more or less since the excerpts have leaked? I have to admit… I’m definitely curious.

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