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Exciting New Film Project – Of A Demon

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I share news about my exciting new film project, Of A Demon, how I’m facing my performance fears, and the love I have of working behind the scenes.

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Love Of Filmmaking

As co-founder of Siren Stories, I spend my working life focusing on creativity, arts and entertainment. I am the author of several books, and as the editor of The Table Read Magazine, I’m so proud to be able to promote and celebrate the work of other creatives.

My childhood dream of working on a film first came true in 2018 when the pilot script I wrote for Gracemarch went into production. Later, in 2019, I co-wrote our first independent feature film, Hollowhood, with Jonathan McKinney, which we co-directed and produced in 2020. Now, I’m positively buzzing with excitement to announce my next project: Of A Demon.

Since Hollowhood, we’ve been looking for something new to produce. It needed to be low budget but effective, and allow us to use what we leaned previously, while still pushing us to learn new skills. We also wanted to work with and celebrate the incredible actors, artists and creatives already in our lives.

When the idea for Of A Demon came to me, I knew I’d got it. Not only does it let us work with our beautiful cast of friends and family again, it brings in Jon’s latest project, Of Demons too.

Of A Demon

A documentary crew sets out to chart a week in the the lives of JJ (me) and Jon (he) and our work with the rising stars of the metal scene, Of Demons, fronted by the enigmatic and captivating Kato Djin.

I take the role of camera woman to record events for the documentary, but as their music ignites a firestorm within the industry and their popularity explodes, a darkness begins to creep in.

Of A Demon isn’t your typical backstage pass documentary. The lines between reality and fiction start to blur as we witness the toll success takes as I grapple with the pressures of my work, my personal life, and the feelings I have that maybe a sinister force is at play.

This film is a chilling exploration of ambition, the sacrifices demanded by artistic expression, and the price of fame, all wrapped up in a chilling narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Making Of Of A Demon

I love crafting stories, building worlds, and overseeing the magic unfold during filming. While the entire behind-the-scenes process brings me immense joy, anyone who knows me knows that I wouldn’t exactly call myself a natural performer.

While I have done many hours of on-camera work, presenting writing advice videos on YouTube and performing as Bethany in Hollowhood, stepping into the spotlight isn’t my comfort zone. But that’s precisely why I’m so excited. Stepping in front of the camera alongside writing and directing adds a layer of vulnerability – just like the character I’ll be portraying.

It’s a thrilling way to explore the anxieties and struggles that come with artistic ambition, both on and off screen, and a chance to confront those anxieties head-on. And hey, maybe a little bit of that nervous energy will translate well into the character I’ll be portraying in the film!

Of Demons

You have got to listen to this band.

Bringing exactly the kind of energy we need for Of A Demon, and fronted by this firecracker named Kato Djin, they’ve got a sound that’ll rip your face off and stitch it back on better than ever.

Their new EP, Turn To Dust, came out on February 16th, and it’s a face-melter. With grinding guitars, pounding drums, and Kato’s lyrics that dig deep into the shadows, it’s perfect for the film’s atmosphere.

We’ll be filming them live for a scene, and I can’t wait to see them unleash it all on camera. Trust me, Of Demons is gonna be the soundtrack to your nightmares – in the best way possible.

Filming In Stafford

As a working mum, there’s a constant dance between creative ambition and the practicalities of life, so I’m thrilled to have found a way to bridge that gap in the most delightful way possible – by filming right here in Stafford!

Now, some of you might be wondering why a film delving into the dark world of alternative metal would choose a charming town like Stafford as its backdrop. Well, the answer is twofold: my family and the heart of the community.

Raising Rose and Buffy is my greatest joy, and while working away has been a thrilling experience in so many ways, I do miss those precious moments with my girls. Filming in Stafford allows me to be present for them, not have to worry about who will be taking care of them or whether they’re sad without me there.

But Stafford isn’t just a convenient location; it’s a place brimming with potential. Shooting scenes at iconic pubs like The Greyhound and The Bear and Pheasant, both under the fantastic stewardship of the Shelby Pub Company, isn’t just about capturing a sense of place – it’s about celebrating the heart of Stafford’s community.

These locations aren’t just backdrops; they become living, breathing characters in the film, adding a layer of authenticity that resonates with Stafford residents and newcomers alike.

Of A Demon might be a dark and thrilling story, but the beauty of my little town of Stafford will be woven into its fabric.

Want to learn more?

Head over to the official website of Of A Demon to get a deeper look at the film, the story, and of course, the incredible band at its center – Of Demons, produced by the ever-talented Jonathan McKinney. We’ll be sharing regular updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and exclusive content, so be sure to stay tuned!

This project is a thrilling new chapter for me, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Wish me luck as I face my on-screen fears, and get ready for a film that will unsettle you in the best way possible.

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