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The Foods And Drinks That Will Stain Your Smile

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out advice from experts at Satia about the foods and drinks that will stain your smile, and what I can do to try and keep my teeth pearly white!

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Foods And Drinks That Will Stain Your Smile

I love eating, and I’m constantly picking at snacks and wondering what I’ll be making for dinner. But I also keep sticking my mug across social media in an effort to sell books and get interest in my blogs and work. Therefore, I want to try and keep my smile looking shiny so that I can feel as confident as possible when grinning at the world.

To work out what foods are more likely to stain my teeth, and what I can do to keep them pearly white, nutritionist and Satia.com founder Benjamin Bowers, sent over tips for the greatest dangers to having white smile.

Mazzetti Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Balsamic Vinegar and Dark Sauces

Dark pigmented sauces like soy sauce, pureed tomatoes, curry sauce, and balsamic vinegar are known guilty parties of yellow teeth. The high corrosive substance in food varieties like vinegar can cause the tooth lacquer to separate, permitting a stain to set in. If it can mark your food containers, it most certainly can mark your teeth.

This is the majority of my diet. I love balsamic on my salad, and I cook curry multiple times a week, so Benjamin recommends to reduce any staining, think about gargling some water around in your mouth after enjoying saucy treats.

Dark Juices And Pop

Drinks like sugary pop or dark juices can make your teeth yellow. These drinks’ acidity can also wear away at your enamel, making your teeth more susceptible to being stained by other foods. Due to their high sugar and acidity, dark fruit juices pose a risk as well.

Consequently, keep your dark fruit juice and soft drinks to a minimum.

Pigmented Fruits

Do you look forward to the blackberry and blueberry smoothie you get in the morning? Or might you start your day with a few ripe pomegranate seeds instead? These natural products have dull red and purple shades that can stain your teeth. Your teeth may acquire a purple tint as a result of these small particles entering the enamel’s pores.

Taylors of Harrogate – Rich Italian Ground Coffee

Coffee and Tea

Another breakfast staple is a cup of coffee or tea, which could be to blame for your less-than-perfect smile. Tannins, which are found in the two beverages, can leave unflattering brown or dark stains when they are drunk frequently.

I defintitely do drink coffee frequently. I have a mug on the go as I write this, and I drink coffee throughout the day. I do take my coffee with a splash of milk, however, and due to a protein called casein found in dairy products, adding a small amount of milk to your tea or coffee will significantly reduce its ability to stain teeth.

Red Wine

Not only is red wine well-known for its sophisticated flavor and ability to stain teeth in a stubborn manner, but it also goes well with cheese. Red wine’s tannins and chromogens are to blame for your smile’s discoloration.

If you want white teeth, you already know that acidic foods and drinks can erode tooth enamel. Unfortunately, red wine is high on the corrosiveness scale. After enjoying a few glasses of red wine, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash if you can’t stop drinking it.

However, red wine gives me a killer headache if I even have a sip, so I’ll swerve this one with ease.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Assuming you’re drinking energy and sports drinks consistently, you should consider over the effect they have on your grin. Both beverages have the potential to contribute to enamel breakdown, which results in unsightly stains.

Whenever you’re feeling the need for a shot in the arm, perhaps try a glass of water instead, and save your teeth from the damage.

Jelly Tots Sharing Bags


Candy and sweets that are high in sugar will unquestionably stain your teeth. Additionally, these irresistible sweet snacks frequently contain pigmented dyes that have the potential to stick to your tooth enamel and stain it. If the sweets you’re enjoyig can stain your tongue, they are definitely capable staining your white teeth. 

This is more of a problem for my ten year old who would merrily consume an entire pick ‘n’ mix stand if given half the chance, but I am quite partial to a jelly tot!

Smoking and Hookah

In addition to the fact that smoking is risky for your general wellbeing, nicotine can cause irreversible damage to your teeth. Nicotine and tar, found in both cigarettes and hookah, can stain and discolor teeth. What’s more, that is not even the most obviously terrible of it — they can likewise cause bone and tooth damage, receding gums, tooth loss, and other intense dental issues.


How To Limit Stained Teeth

Brush and floss frequently

Regardless of your eating habits, it’s important to clean your teeth two times each day and floss no less than once.

Drink water

Rainbow Reusable Silicone Straws

Drinking water can not only benefit your entire body, but it can also assist in the removal of any remaining food pigments.

Use a straw

Use a straw if you can’t stop drinking coffee, tea, wine, or other drinks that leave stains. However, keep the turtles in mind and use straws that can be reused.

Avoid foods that stain

Make it your goal to avoid foods that can stain your teeth as much as possible. Obviously, having them occasionally is fine, but clean your teeth afterwards, or at least swoosh some water around your mouth.

Visit your dentist

Make it a habit to go to the dentist on a regular basis for cleanings and checkups that can remove surface stains and stop further discoloration. You can schedule a professional teeth whitening appointment at your dentist’s office as well.


I do really enjoy some of the foods on this list… and I’m not prepared to cut out the coffee or the curry, but it’s good to get tips on swooshing water as a way of limiting the staining they will cause between tooth brushings!

What about you? Are you ready to cut out some of these staining foods?

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