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Top 10 Winter Destinations For Digital Nomads

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out the top 10 destinations for digital nomads to travel and work this Winter, with my aspirational eye firmly on my desire to see the world.

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Digital Nomads

In today’s interconnected world, the concept of a traditional 9-to-5 job is rapidly evolving. I work full time, but I don’t work in a traditional office because I can work anywhere I can set up my laptop and get on the internet. Whether it’s writing a book, editing The Table Read Magazine, or working on social media promotions, I can pretty much work anywhere. This freedom and flexibility, where I can travel around and never be locked to any place, makes me a digital nomad.

An increasing number of people are embracing this digital nomad lifestyle, and if you prioritize freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, I can highly recommend it. While I don’t yet travel as much as I would like to, finances and a young family being as they are, I do value knowing that when that opportunity is there, it’s one I can take.

When I’m dreaming about the perfect travel destinations, places where I can easily carry out work as well as experiencing the joy of seeing the world, I think major cities with fast internet access and co-working spaces are better suited to the digital nomad lifestyle than remote beaches. But where would be the best place to start? And as the cold weather approaches, what makes are the top Winter destinations for digital nomads?

To help me out, experts at MoneyTransfers.com sent over their research into 50 top cities across the world, looking at key attributes including the monthly cost of living and the hours of winter sunshine, to see which are the most desirable for digital nomads this winter!

Top 10 Winter Digital Nomad Destinations

1. Zurich, Switzerland
2. Geneva, Switzerland
3. New York, US
4. Boston, US
5. San Francisco
6. Washington, US
7. San Diego, US
8. Singapore
9. Copenhagen, Denmark
10. Houston, US

Cities were ranked based on median internet speed, monthly cost of living, monthly cost of rent, quality of life score, winter sunshine hours average, and winter temperature. The strength of the currency compared to the USD over the past year was also taken into consideration.

As home to many of the world’s largest technology companies, America is at the forefront of changing the way we work. A reported 87% of workers within the country have been offered the opportunity to work remotely and the majority of digital nomads live in the United States.

As such a large and diverse country, travel within the US holds great appeal due to its ease – remote workers don’t need to worry about packing passports, sorting out visas or (in some cases) conflicting time zones.

-Jonathan Merry, travel expert at MoneyTransfers.com


Snowy Switzerland is exactly what we expect from a winter remote working destination: rugged mountains, cafes where you can work while snacking on warm cheese fondue, and some of Europe’s best ski resorts less than an hour away by train. Zurich takes the lead as the best city for digital nomads, a distinction which it owes to its fast internet access and high ranking on the quality of life index. Zurich is also widely known for having an efficient public transport system, which makes it easier for commuters to get around.

While the cost of living in Zurich is amongst the highest in the world, with a single person spending on average $2,132.50 a month in the city, you can experience the delights of Switzerland on a slightly lower budget in its second city – Geneva.

Geneva takes the runner-up position, and while 80% of expats think the $1,852.30 monthly living costs are too high, there is plenty to appeal to digital nomads on a workcation.

The United States

With six of the best cities for digital nomads right here in the USA, you don’t even need to leave the country to get in on the trend. Taking third place is New York and we can’t imagine a better time to visit – ice skating on the Rockefeller rink, sales shopping at Bloomingdales and a warming hot chocolate at Serendipity – all built round your typical office day. The internet speed is amongst the fastest in America and the best part is that you don’t even need to change your currency!


Ranking 9th, Copenhagen regularly tops the lists of the best cities in the world for its quality of life, low crime rates and commitment to eco-friendly living. The city is proud of its green spaces and there is plenty to see, from the colourful houses of Nyhavn to the Little Mermaid statue.

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