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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out this years top Christmas party fashion trends so we can get inspiration for the festive season!

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Christmas Party Fashion

It’s Christmas party season and after a rough year, I’m ready to celebrate! From fancy dinners to raucous get-togethers, now is the time to dress your best, sip a Baileys or three, and feel fabulous.

To help inspire me, the fashion experts from Karen Millen have sent over the hottest partywear trends, inspired by 2023’s most influential items, and I’ve selected some of my favourite fashion ideas from each trend!

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Top Christmas Party Fashion Trends

Cowboy Boots

In a nod to the resurgence of ‘90s fashion, cowboy boots have reclaimed their place as a must-have wardrobe staple, with celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski often spotted in them. Whether paired with jeans or a skirt for a more casual look, or dressing them up alongside a festive party dress, cowboy boots offer versatility and a fashion-forward look this Christmas. 

With an astounding 1 billion global views on TikTok, Cowboy boots have garnered up to 43 million views in the last month alone nationwide. The term also generates 156,000 searches per month in America, making it a standout choice for a fun cowboy-inspired Christmas. 


Velvet stands out as a pivotal fabric, injecting a touch of luxury into your festive ensembles. This material is set to grace everything from dresses to accessories, mirroring its heightened presence on recent runways. A 54% surge in trending Pinterest clothing since August, and over 8,000 posts on TikTok that have reached 30 million viewers in the last 30 days, all attest to the fabric’s undeniable allure. 

With icons such as Halle Bailey and Mariah Carey bringing the trend back in time for Christmas, we can expect velvet to be the showstopper at all your holiday events.

Cherry Red

Capturing the essence of the season, cherry is predicted to steal the spotlight as the go-to fashionable hue,  with Lana Del Rey wearing many cherry-inspired outfits as well as pieces that are a cherry red color. The color is a classic of the seasonal period and Karen Millen has even experienced an 8,223% rise in searches for the color from last year, highlighting the popularity of the shade. 

 A cherry red dress paired with black tights and boot heels is a perfect, classic option for any work party this season.


Offering a stylish statement piece, waistcoats bring a sophisticated layering option for festive outfits. With steady popularity on Pinterest since August and a global search volume averaging 108,000 per month, waistcoats add a classic, yet contemporary touch to your partywear. 

Embraced by style influencers like Cara Delevingne and featured on recent runways by Vivienne Westwood and Giorgio Armani, waistcoats can be paired with blouses, or even casual tops to elevate your seasonal attire.


Collars are set to make a stylish comeback, adding a refined touch to a variety of outfits. With a staggering 42 million TikTok views in the last 30 days for related hashtags and a monthly global search volume of 184,000, collars have become a trend that is increasingly demanding attention. 

Inspired by stars like Paris Hilton, who has recently revived the Peter Pan collar, this feature will certainly inject a youthful element into your seasonal wardrobe. Whether adorning blouses, dresses, or outwear, collars can bring a classic charm to contemporary occasion wear. 

Silk Gowns

For more formal occasions, silk gowns take centre stage, offering glamour and romance in equal measure. Boasting an incredible 257% increase in recent Google searches and a 185% rise in Pinterest popularity since last year, satin gowns create a flattering silhouette that becomes the go-to choice for festive elegance. 

As witnessed in recent fashion weeks, including the Versace collection, these gowns invite you to reimagine the Golden Age of Hollywood, embodying the glitz and glamour of icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. 


I am so excited to let my hair down, strap on a pretty frock, and see out this year in style. I’m ready for 2024 and to say goodbye to 2023!

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