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What Do Dreams Mean?

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out research from experts at Bed Kingdom into what some of the most common dreams mean and why.

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I have a very vivid imagination, and a brain full of far too many thoughts, worries, and ideas. Because of this, I have very vivid dreams and I often remember them. Because my partner, Jonathan, is the same, we often start the day sharing the previous nights dreams over cups of coffee, and trying to work out what our brains are telling us.

Because of this interest in dreams, I thought it would be good to know what some of the most common dreams mean, so I can work out how that plays into the strange things my head throws at me each night! To help me out, the experts at Bed Kingdom sent over their research into what dreams mean.

What Do Dreams Mean?

Analyzing dreams to determine their meaning can be confusing because they are mysterious. One of the most common explanations for why people dream is that their brains are trying to process the day’s events, while other explanations suggest that dreams can act as rehearses for future events.

BedKingdom‘s sleep specialists have investigated the hidden meanings of some of the most common dreams. 

Falling in dreams

The understandings for this kind of dream revolve around sensations of dread and weakness. Falling in your dreams can likewise show sensations of defenselessness and being overpowered. 

It’s also possible that dreaming of falls can be seen as a warning from your subconscious to be careful. If a situation causes a loss of control, this can be translated as a fall when dreaming.

Being chased in dreams

Stress and anxiety are the most common reasons for feeling chased in your dreams. Assuming somebody is feeling undermined in their waking hours, that can convert into dreams about being chased.

In some cases, these dreams can result from sensations of outrage and are viewed as an advance notice to look out for potential dangers.

Teeth falling out in dreams

Dreaming about your teeth falling out can frequently be associated with feeling unattractive or having negative thoughts about your appearance. Lacking confidence in all ways can also come out in a teeth falling out dream.

Feelings of struggling to communicate can also trigger these dreams, as teeth dropping out can make it hard to talk.

Being naked in dreams

Dreams of being naked in public, such as at work or school, can also be sparked by the feeling that someone has accused you of something negative. These dreams are typically sparked by the fear of being seen.

Naked dreams, on the other hand, can sometimes indicate that a person is content with who they are.

Flying in dreams

The capacity to fly is related with opportunity. However, it may indicate a lack of confidence if you struggle to fly in your dreams or fail to do so. 

In the event that another person is in the dream, struggling to fly can highlight them keeping you down and preventing you from continuing on with your hopes and dreams throughout everyday life.

Dream Meanings

BedKingdom’s spokesperson explained that dreams can be tied to things that have happened to us in the past or are happening right now in our lives. 

 Dream recall can be challenging. According to studies, between 80 and 90 percent of dreams are forgotten, and some people cannot remember anything. Writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up can help you remember them, and you can then try to figure out what they mean.

According to a study conducted by psychologist Calvin S. Hall on more than 50,000 people, negative emotions and anxiety are more common in dreams. We can solve problems and find solutions to problems we face in life by analyzing our dreams.


I’ve had all of these dreams at one point or another, and often inter mingled with other strange happenings. It’ll help to have a base idea to work out what I’m worrying about or thinking about by going from these common dreams, then exploring the other aspects of my peculiar sleep movies.

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