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Eight Tips To Get Little Ones To Sleep Well On Christmas Eve 

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out parenting advice from experts at Bed Kingdom for how I can get my children to fall asleep, and stay asleep, on Christmas Eve!

Children all over the world are counting down the days until they receive a visit from Santa and his elves as Christmas approaches. However, when the kids can’t sleep as they wait for the big day, the excitement can cost them… and me!

So, to help us, and you, I have checked out some helpful hints from experts at Bed Kingdom, a company that specializes in sleep, for getting the kids to sleep well on Christmas Eve. I know I’ll be following this advice with our three little gremlins, so I hope it’s helpful for you too.

Fill The Morning With Exercise

Get active in the morning by taking the kids on a family walk or playing their favorite sport. This will help them get a better night’s sleep because they will burn off energy. This is a bonus if you get some sunshine because it helps to set the body’s natural clock for better sleep.

Keep Them Away From Sugary Foods After Lunch

Even though it may appear to be a difficult task, it will be much more difficult to induce sleep in children who have consumed high-sugar foods close to bedtime. They will be overstimulated and, as a result, remain awake throughout the night due to excessive energy production. If you need to satisfy their sweet tooth after noon, instead, give sugar-free jelly or juice with no added sugar a try.

Don’t Keep Them Up Late

Your child won’t get a good night’s sleep if they stay up late, even though it might appear that putting them to bed later will help them sleep better. If you plan on waking up particularly early on Christmas Day, it will only make it more difficult for young children who are overtired to get enough sleep to function normally.

Give Them A Sleep Inducing Snack Before Bed

It’s an unquestionable necessity to ensure your kid won’t rest while starving – and in the event that you have numerous exercises moved toward the day, they might be excessively involved to acknowledge exactly the way in which hungry they are. They won’t wake up during the night if they have a late-night snack, but it’s important to choose something that helps them sleep rather than hinders it, like fatty and sugary foods. Because they calm the body and relax the muscles, bananas are good for you and help you sleep. Combine it with a glass of milk to help you sleep better because it contains tryptophan, an amino acid that aids in sleep.

Keep Things Calm In The Evening

Keep things calm in the evening If your family’s way of celebrating the holidays involves a lot of activities, it will work to your advantage to put those activities off until the afternoon and maintain a calm atmosphere in the evening. Having a previous supper than normal won’t just assist the little ones with planning for sleep time, yet it’s one method for keeping them involved without getting them excessively energized – and having shower time subsequently is an additional method for occupying the time and loosen up them.

Don’t Change Their Bedtime Routine

If you make any changes to their nighttime routine, your children will be aware that something is missing. You might think that giving up something like a bedtime story so they can stay up a little longer will help get rid of the excitement, but their routine is what signals them to go to sleep, so it’s important not to make any big changes.

Avoid Technology Too Close To Bedtime

Avoid using technology too close to bedtime. If you want to keep things calm that night and watch a Christmas movie together, it’s best to turn off the screens about two hours before bedtime. Blue light, which is emitted by technology screens like televisions, laptops, and mobile phones, has the potential to suppress the hormone melatonin, which is what makes us sleepy. Therefore, it is best to complete any technology-related tasks prior to bedtime.

Do A Countdown To Bedtime

Don’t forget to count down to bedtime. Counting down to bedtime, for example an hour, then half an hour, and fifteen minutes in advance, helps your kids get ready for sleep. Not only will this help you avoid their objection to staying up later, but it will also make it easier for them to settle into their bedtime routine.

Christmas Eve Sleep

“Spending Christmas with the family is something that many of us look forward to all year, but having little ones around makes it that little bit more special,” said a spokesperson from Bed Kingdom. “However, it can sometimes feel as though there’s nothing to prepare them for bedtime on Christmas Eve, resulting in a restless night’s sleep. Thankfully, there are several tips and tricks to keep them calm and avoid any tired children on Christmas Day.” 

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