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Retro Consoles Worth Hundreds Of Pounds

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out new research into the most valuable retro consoles to trade in, with the Sega Multi-Mega Console coming out on top, and wonder if I have one lying around…

The approach of Christmas has got me looking at my monthly budget and wondering what I can shave off… and how I can bring in a bit more cash quickly. With the incoming need to buy gifts, socialise, and give the children a Christmas full of magic, this is a pressure a lot of families are facing.

To help me out, gaming site GuideStrats.com sent over their analysis of data from second-hand retailer CeX to see which retro consoles could be traded for the highest amounts. If we’ve got one hidden away in the attic or the back of a cupboard, this could be a great way to take the edge of the Christmas expenditure!


Which Retro Consoles Are Worth The Most?

Sega Multi-Mega Console

The experts found that Sega’s Multi-Mega Console could earn you a whopping £680 for trading in. Released in 1994 as a combination of the Sega Mega Drive, Sega Mega-CD and Portable CD Player, it had a very short production life compared to other consoles released then, making it rarer and much more expensive nowadays.

Atari Jaguar CD

Coming in second place is the Atari Jaguar CD, which can be traded in for £675 in its best condition. Released just one year after the Multi-Mega in 1995, poor sales meant that it had a short production life and, therefore, is now very rare, with just 11 games being produced for the console during its lifetime.

Nintendo Virtual Boy

Third place goes to Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, which can be traded in for £288. This is one of the first examples of a Virtual Reality console, with the technology nowadays being much more developed. Upon its release in 1995, it became a commercial failure due to its poor ergonomics, high price, and health concerns, and is therefore very rare.

Atari Jaguar

The Atari Jaguar comes in fourth place and can be traded in for £210 in its best condition. Suffering from the same sales problems as the Jaguar CD at its release in 1994, it is now another rare find, although it had more production units than the Jaguar CD. Even games for the console can now be traded in for upwards of £230.

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Atari Lynx II

Rounding out the top five is the Atari Lynx II, which can be traded in for £172. Released as a new version of the original Lynx in 1991, it came with a new design, better battery life, and better hardware; with declining sales, Atari shifted its focus to developing the Jaguar, although surprisingly, the Lynx II ended up having a longer lifespan.

Retro Consoles

#ConsoleYear releasedTrade-in value (Best condition)Current sale price (Best condition)
1Sega Multi-Mega Console1994£680£850
2Atari Jaguar CD1995£675£900
3Nintendo Virtual Boy1995£288£385
4Atari Jaguar1994£210£300
5Atari Lynx II1991£172£230
6Atari Lynx1990£136£195
7Super NES1992£129£185
Sega Saturn1995£127£170
9Sega Master System1987£126£180
Game Gear1991£126£180
10Sega Dreamcast1999£112£160

Some of the prices on this list highlight how volatile the console market was in the 90s, with many companies having either failed experiments or just poor sales, leading to some incredibly rare finds at high prices. If you have any of these consoles, you can either cash in now, or keep hold of them in the hope that their values increase even more over the next few years.

-Candace Healy, head of branding at GuideStrats.com

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