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Which Is The Most Popular Cocktail In The UK?

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out research into which is the most popular cocktail in the UK, and how to make them, ready for evenings sitting in the sun with a drink!

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I love a cocktail. My brother in law is a cocktail wizard and has given me some delicious (and potent) fruity drinks to try on many occasions over the years. Cocktails make me think of summer, of sitting in the sunshine, listening to music, and feeling ever so slightly light headed as I sip a brightly coloured drink and pretend I’m actually rather swanky.

However, I know absolutely nothing about how to make cocktails, nor even which cocktails I should try. So, to help me out, Event Management Company MGN events analysed Google search data to workout the UK’s favourite cocktail, and shared their tips for making the perfect drinks.

Most Popular Cocktail In The UK

Tom Savano Cocktails -Single Estate Tequila Reposado Margarita

#1 Margarita

With a total of 83,750 monthly searches, the margarita is the most popular cocktail in the UK.

To prepare this classic drink, first dip a lime wedge in salt and rub it around the rim of the glass you’ve chosen. Then, in a cocktail shaker, add 25 milliliters of lime juice, 20 milliliters of triple sec, 50 milliliters of tequila, and a handful of ice. When the shaker gets cold, you can strain the mixture into your glass.


Simply Cocktails Pornstar Martini Cocktail Gift Bag Set

#2 Pornstar Martini

The pornstar martini, which originated in London in the United Kingdom and has a combined monthly search volume of 80,600, comes in second place on the list.

Fill a cocktail shaker with 45 milliliters of vodka, 30 milliliters of passionfruit puree, and 15 milliliters of vanilla sugar syrup before shaking and straining into a glass to make this yourself. Don’t forget to top it off with half a passionfruit and a shot glass of champagne on the side.


Coppa Cocktails Ready-to-Drink Mojito

#3 Mojito

The mojito takes the third right on target the rundown with a complete month to month search volume of 71,290.

Experience a sample of Cuba and make this yourself by adding the juice of one lime, a teaspoon of sugar, and simply a small bunch of mint passes on to a container and pulverizing them with a moving pin. Add 60 milliliters of white rum and a dash of soda water to a tall glass filled with ice.


Tails Cocktails Espresso Martini Cocktail

#4 Espresso Martini

With a combined monthly search volume of 56,690, the espresso martini came in fourth place.

The initial step to making this exemplary is by making the sugar syrup – add 100g caster sugar to a skillet with 50ml water, mix it, and bring to the bubble. After letting it cool, add 1 tablespoon, 100 milliliters vodka, 50 milliliters coffee liqueur, 50 milliliters espresso coffee, and some ice to a shaker. Shake, strain into a glass, and garnish with coffee beans to complete the drink.


Giraffe Cocktails Ready-to-Drink Pina Colada

#5 Pina Colada

The Puerto Rican pina colada ranks fifth with a total of 51,710 monthly searches.

Partake in this tropical creation by pouring 120ml pineapple juice, 60ml white rum, 60 ml coconut cream and a modest bunch of ice into a blender. Pour into a tall glass once everything is smooth and garnish with a pineapple wedge.


Batch & Bottle Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Whisky Old Fashioned

#6 Old Fashioned

6th on the rundown is the Old Fashioned. The cocktail’s popularity is still strong, with 44,590 monthly Google searches overall, despite its origins in Kentucky in 1881.

Add two teaspoons of sugar syrup, a few drops of Angostura bitters, and a splash of water to a small glass. For an additional flavor boost, add an orange slice and a cherry to 60 milliliters of bourbon or scotch whisky and some ice.


Tom Savano Cocktails – Finnish Liberation Cosmopolitan

#7 Cosmopolitan

The cosmopolitan comes in at number seven with an average of 40,410 monthly Google searches.

For this mixed drink, you’ll just have to add 45ml lemon vodka, 15ml triple sec, 30ml cranberry juice, 10ml lime and an ice to a mixed drink shaker. Strain into a martini glass after shaking.


Primo Aperitivo Negroni

#8 Negroni

The negroni comes in eighth place, following the cosmopolitan.

This classic drink is just 25 milliliters of gin, 25 milliliters of sweet vermouth, and 25 milliliters of Campari, and it has a combined monthly search volume of 28,260. Mix the liquids in an ice-filled mixing glass until they reach a cool temperature. For the final step, strain this into an ice-filled small glass and garnish with an orange slice.


Aperol Spritz Duo Pack

#9 Aperol Spritz

 The Aperol Spritz occupies the ninth position in the ranking with a total of 27,590 monthly searches.

Add a few ice cubes to a wine glass, add 50 milliliters of Aperol, 75 milliliters of Prosecco, and 25 milliliters of soda, and garnish with an orange slice for visual interest.


Jacob Marley’s Winter Traditional Mulled Wine

#10 Mulled Wine

To wrap things up is Mulled Wine, in 10th spot with 26,510 Google searches every month consolidated. In the winter, this drink is typically served warm, but it can also be served cold. It is especially convenient for parties because it can be made well in advance of the event.

To begin, in a saucepan, combine 100 grams of light muscovado sugar, one star anise, one cinnamon stick, and four cloves. Bring to a boil and stir to dissolve the sugar. After allowing this to simmer, pour it into a large container to cool. Next, add 150 milliliters Cointreau, 750 milliliters red wine, and thin slices of one lemon and two clementines. Allow it to chill for no less than two hours in the event that you’d like it served cold, or fill a heatproof glass immediately assuming you’d favor it warm.


MGN Events

MGN Events‘ Creative Director Matthew Strange commented on the findings, saying that serving cocktails at an event can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any occasion, but there are so many options that it can be hard to choose just one.

Fortunately, the study found that Brits enjoy a wide variety of cocktails due to the variety of ingredients, particularly alcohol, such as white rum, vodka, and tequila. If you offer these at your next event, there will be something for everyone because the flavors in the top 10 are so varied.


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