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Tips For How To Enjoy A Multigenerational Holiday

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On the JJ Barnes Blog, I check out tips from experts at Visit Dubai for how to enjoy a multigenerational holiday by catering to the different needs of the different age groups!

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Multigenerational Holidays

I don’t travel as much as I would like, and now I’m planning all future travels through the lense of a single mother, it makes things more complicated. I know it’s possible, and I know loads of single mums are brilliant at traveling with their children, but I’m not at that point yet. I’m used to having help and navigating travel and children alone feels daunting.

For this reason, a multigenerational holiday seems like the most sensible plan, and I’m not along in thinking so. A recent study found that multigenerational holidays will see a significant increase in 2023. According to the study by experts at Visit Dubai,  89% of holidayers are currently considering arranging a trip with at least three generations of their family.

95% of new parents are considering booking a group vacation so that they can alleviate some of the stress. 55% say it’s so important for them because it makes them feel less stressed than when they’re at home.

Grandparents are excited to celebrate milestone events; 33% say that the most important thing for them is to make sure there are enough activities for everyone, and a fifth say that it’s important for them to be able to indulge in luxury experiences.

Based on a survey of a thousand British adults, Visit Dubai’s research shows that families are increasingly looking for opportunities to spend quality time together, with 70% saying they want to make memories that last a lifetime while on vacation.

There are many reasons why a multigenerational holiday can be a good idea for a single mother. Here are a few of the most important:

  • It can provide much-needed support. Raising children as a single parent can be challenging, and a multigenerational holiday can provide much-needed support from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members. This can be especially helpful if you need someone to watch your children while you relax or take some time for yourself.
  • It can help to strengthen family bonds. A multigenerational holiday is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family and create lasting memories. This can help to strengthen family bonds and create a sense of togetherness.
  • It can be more affordable. If you are traveling with children, a multigenerational holiday can be more affordable than traveling with just your children. This is because you can split the cost of accommodation, activities, and food with other family members.
  • It can be more fun. Having more people to travel with can make a holiday more fun. There will be more people to share activities with, and there will always be someone to talk to or play with.

How To Enjoy A Multigenerational Holiday

Of course, there are some challenges to consider when planning a multigenerational holiday. For example, you will need to make sure that everyone’s interests are taken into account when planning activities. You will also need to be prepared to compromise and make changes to your plans if necessary. However, if you are willing to put in the effort, a multigenerational holiday can be a truly rewarding experience for everyone involved.

What Generations Want

Just over a quarter (26%) said they wanted to make up for the time they felt they had lost during the pandemic, and more than half (52%) said they were looking forward to experiencing and discovering shared interests with their family. Four thirds (43%) of those polled said that the most priceless moments of quality time they had had were the ones they had spent on vacation with their entire family.

Good value (61%) and good weather (60%) are parents’ top holiday priorities, while grandparents place a high value on having a stress-free and relaxing experience (49%) Unsurprisingly, the younger generation favors a wide range of activities (68%) and entertainment (65%) because they just want to have fun.

One thing that everyone in the family can agree on is that good weather is the most important thing. Parents (60 percent), grandparents (52%), and children (46%) agree.

Top Holiday Priorities By Generation


Good value (61%)

Good weather (60%)

Plenty of activities for everyone (54%)

A stress-free and relaxing experience (52%)

Entertainment (50%)


Lots of kid’s activities (68%)

Entertainment (65%)

Good weather (46%)

Plenty of activities for everyone (37%)

Safety (25%)


Good weather (52%)

A stress-free and relaxing experience (49%)

Good value (47%)

Safety (37%)

Entertainment (32%)


Making sure everybody feels like their holiday needs are being respected and considered, as well as picking somewhere fun in the sun, sounds like the best way to make a multigenerational holiday work.

Do you have any more tips?

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